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    Mameha got a reaction from linguaholic in Help me to translate these sentences into as many languages as possible   
    Italian here. I will translate this using the formal way since you use it in a workplace to unknow people
    1. Qual è il numero del suo camion/rimorchio? 2. Ha dei documenti con lei? Sono gli unici documenti che ha? 3.  Qual è il suo numero di viaggio/referenza? Può controllare il suo sms? 4. Sa cosa è caricato sul suo camion? Quanti imballaggi/pacchi? 5. Lei ha bisogno di un documento di esportazione 6. Lei ha bisogno di un documenti di importazione 7. Lei ha bisogno di un documento di transito 8. I suoi documenti sono nella scatola blu 9. Vada all'ufficio doganale con i documenti 10. Ci vorranno 15 minuti/ Ci vorrà 1 ora- ritorni in 1 ora 11. Vada alla porta accanto per...(?) 12. Vada all'ufficio doganale. E' nel palazzo accanto. 13. Guidi verso l'ufficio doganale al confine svedese 14. Vada alla dogana con questi documenti, poi ritorni nel nostro ufficio 15. Non abbiamo documenti/ordini/disposizioni per questo camion 16. Chiami il suo capo 17. Abbiamo bisogno di una email con l'ordine/disposizione 18. L'azienda che fa i suoi documenti è... 19. Stiamo aspettando i documenti/una email/una chiamata 20. L'ufficio doganale deve indagare su questo caso/problema 21. Ritorni domani (literally) / A domani (see you tomorrow) I hope it will be helpfull, if you have any doubts or question contact me!
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    Mameha reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in Hello! New user here   
    Or maybe this Jynx?

    Anyhow, welcome.
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    Mameha reacted to Trellum in Ladino   
    I am starting this thread because a member mentioned he was interested in learning this language    For those who don't know it, the ''ladino'' language is a dying language,  and is the language of the Sephardic jews.   I'm one of them, and this language used to be a big part of our culture, but sadly most ladino speakers are old people... and the younger generation of Sephardi Jews don't speak it.   The language is basically a mix of  (old) Spanish and Hebrew, but depending on where the speaker lives some words from Greek, Turkish, and Arabic are often borrowed. 
    I am creating this thread in hopes I can add more and more resources to learn this language, not immediately but little by little, also depending on the interest of others to learn this language. 
    If you want to know what this amazing language sounds like, then check this mix on YouTube:
    An interview with a native Ladino speaker born & raised  in Israel:
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    Mameha reacted to IronMike in Words with two meanings   
    I'm fine with this. Russian has tons of words with more than one meaning (look up снять someday).
    What I've gotten into trouble with in the past is false friends among related languages. My all-time favorite is понос.  In Serbian it means honor whereas in Russian it means diarrhea
    Don't confuse those two!
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    Mameha reacted to Teira Eri in Does the genre of music you like change in different languages?   
    This is an interesting thought.  When I think about it, there are some genres that I like better in one language over another.  For example, for the most part I do not like American heavy metal bands.  I don't find the voices appealing.  However, I will listen to metal in Japanese or German or Italian. I like Korean pop and rap, but I rarely listen to J-pop and English pop.  French and Italian rap are where it's at for me.  Sometimes the language increases the power of the music or flows better with the beat.  Yet, if the song is good, I'll listen to it, regardless of where it originated from.  
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    Mameha reacted to fcuco in Hábleme de usted...   
    Ciao!, Con gusto. Excelente español.
    Debes colocar ¡: "¡Hola a todos!"

    "Mi idioma". Mis idiomas plural, mi idioma, singular.

    "a el" se contrae como "al", "al español"

    "este idioma", "el idioma" es masculino.

    "así de larga"


    Todo lo demás está muy bien.
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    Mameha reacted to FenWoFon in What's your favourite word in a language that isn't your native one?   
    My favorite word in Italian, eehh... I think it is Mangiare that in english means eat and comer in spanish, there are many words that sound cool for me in various languages but the ones I like the most are Italian / Japanese words, for example Dattebayo!  It is something Naruto used to say 24/7 which means something like Believe it or so.
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    Mameha reacted to reverserewind in Conversational Italian   
    - Ciao! (it's both, hello & goodbye)
    - Come stai? (how are you?)
    - Come sta? (the same thing but formal)
    - Bene (well)
    - Male (poor)
    - Tutto bene? (is everything okay?)
    - Sei occupato/a (Are you busy?)
    - Che cose fai per oggi/domani? (What are you doing today/tomorrow?)
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    Mameha reacted to MyNameIsFermin in Greetings from Venezuela   
    Hello everyone, I'm from Venezuela born and raised, my first language is Spanish but I have been learning English at a slow pace for years now. This is my first time traveling outside my country, possibly to the US, that's why I'm trying to get some help for improving my speaking skills. This looks like a pretty cool site to hang out and learn, I also hope to make some friends and contribute. Anybody that need translation or whatever in Spanish I'll be glad to help.
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    Mameha reacted to reverserewind in Learning Italian   
    Oh, thank you very much. I definitely will. You can ask me anything about English, btw.
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    Mameha got a reaction from reverserewind in Learning Italian   
    If you have doubts, question etc you can pm me anytime
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    Mameha reacted to hungary93 in tongue twisters - hungarian   
    There are several funny tongue twisters in the hungarian language, here are a few of them and the supposedly english meanings.
    Az ibafai papnak fapipája van, ezért az ibafai papi pipa papi fapipa vagy Az ibafai papnak fapipája van, mert az ibafai fából készült papi fapipa a legjobb papi pipa fapipa
    The priest of Ibafa (a village) has a wooden pipe, so the priest's pipe of Ibafa is a priest's wooden pipe.
    Te tetted e tettetett tettet? Te tettetett tettek tettetett tettese, te!
    You committed this fake crime, you!
    Nem minden tarka fajta szarka farka tarkabarka, csak a tarkabarka fajta szarkafajta farka tarkabarka.
     The multi-colored mockingbird's tail is multi-colored. But not every mockingbird's tail is multi-colored, only the multi-colored mockingbird's tail is multicolored.
    Jamaica a jamaicai jamaicaiaké.
    Jamaica belongs to the Jamaicans
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    Mameha reacted to takibari in Using same words = everlasting love?   
    It just occurred to me, perhaps the subjects in the study are actually in committed relationships (as you defined) and were asked probably to participate in the speed dating activity. After which the said participants were asked to maintain communication with the participants of the research through instant messaging.
    the more likely they were to be together three months later, irrespective of how happy they said they were in their relationships at the time. = Ergo, even though the participants in the research were supposedly in HAPPY relationships (with people outside the speed-dating activity), they still were drawn to the stranger/speed-dater in the research whose use of function words were a similar match to theirs.
    If the results of this research were to be replicated, I can't help but think how funny it is and a bit scary for couples in committed relationships - as theirs could just end because there comes a stranger who happens to use the same FUNCTION words with high frequency as their partner. If this were to be the case, so you guys need to be careful with your use of "the, him, as, be," etc. (After all, these are really things we use unconsciously, haha!)
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    Mameha reacted to anna3101 in Using same words = everlasting love?   
    I couldn't help laughing out loud when I imagined that picture A couple that has been married for years bumps into someone who uses same function words with the same frequency as the husband/wife, and bang! Love at first sight followed by a quick divorce, all because someone uses "the" quite often
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    Mameha reacted to fuumarumota_espanol in Using same words = everlasting love?   
    Could be, affinity with the other person is what makes you stay together. That includes everything, such as similar words or  speaking style.
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    Mameha reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in Finding the time to practice   
    I used to have problems with time, but all I did was taking Google Calendar and scheduling all my activities there.
    It'll take lots of effort at the start, but it became a habit to me now.
    Also make sure your activities are described short, but specific.
    I won't show you my calendar obviously since it's highly confidential, but I can give you an example schedule based on how I do it.
    All day long - Go through the kanji on WaniKani.
    7:00 - 7:30 - Wake up, shower, put on clothes, etc.
    7:30 - 8:00 - Listen to a podcast at JapanesePod101.
    8:00 - 8:30 - Breakfast.
    8:30 - 9:00 - Flashcards.
    9:00 - 12:30 - Web development job.
    12:30 - 13:00 - Read or watch news in Japanese.
    13:00 - 13:30 - Lunch.
    13:30 - 17:30 - Game development job.
    17:30 - 18:00 - Dinner.
    18:00 - 19:00 - Ask friends about Japanese based on what I found that day.
    19:00 - 20:00 - Listen to the same podcast again.
    20:00 - 21:00 - Fitness.
    21:00 - 22:00 - Review what I've learnt.
    22:00 - Go to bed.
    Everything in bold is related to language learning.
    Try to fill up as many blank spaces as possible, every 2 minutes you're waiting for your train to arrive, every 5 minutes you wait for the waitress to give you your order, even that 1 minute you're waiting for the traffic lights to go green, it can all easily be used for language learning (like going through flashcards, apps, etc. on the go), because it adds up a lot in the end.
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    Mameha got a reaction from raees khan in Funny experiences   
    Study a language requires a lot of practice at home like writing, reading and training pronunciation. Have you ever had some funny experiences about this, or did you ever do a poor figure with someone? For example the other day i was cleaning my room, my mom entered to help me and she found a pair of sheets of my notebook that were written in Korean (with explanations of the meaning) in where i wrote the alphabet and its rules. She was just like this--->  because she didn't even recognize what language was ahah, and i had to explain what it actually was. 
    Sometimes it happens even that i go around the house repeating some words and my brother just stares at me in a really bad way. 
    What about you? Some funny experiences?
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    Mameha reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in Saw these symbols, what do they mean?   
    Perhaps you can find it on your own here.
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    Mameha reacted to catincamden in The most "boring" part of learning a language & the most beautiful part   
    I will admit that I can't stand lists of vocab - maybe it's all the time I spent in school memorising Chinese idioms - when they're out of context and you know you're just cramming them into your brain in alphabetical order.
    The most beautiful part for me is finding myself thinking in the language, even for a moment.
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    Mameha reacted to aira in Why Filipinos are so good in singing? Is it correlated with language?   
    The Filipino language is not melodic in itself. It's just the people are in high spirits, and can lighten up even in adversity. It may be the reason why most Filipinos love to sing. Singing can uplift us and those around is, which is why there is never a fiesta or a big celebration without music. It could take form in karaoke, videoke, or well-wishers singing for a bride and groom in a wedding. Also, even in ordinary days, people go to videoke after work or when getting together with friends. Music is just around us because we love to sing.
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    Mameha reacted to anna3101 in Do you play any video games in languages other tha English?   
    Finally, science is confirming what we all already knew: playing games in English is useful for writing English
    One more argument in the eternal discussion between myself and game haters who think that games result in nothing but killers and maniacs roaming the earth
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    Mameha reacted to anna3101 in The most "boring" part of learning a language & the most beautiful part   
    Grammar is not really boring for me, but it is tedious sometimes. The only approach that really works is just sitting down and doing grammar exercises, until something "clicks" in my brain and I learn the proper construction. This takes time and, depending on the language and the grammar in question, can be tiring.
    But still I'm not sure I can call it boring. I'm learning languages mostly for the pleasure of doing it, so I like to keep the process fun and lively
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    Mameha got a reaction from anna3101 in Difference between words in different countries   
    I was on facebook and i saw this video:
    Fortunately i understood most of what they were talking about, and it was even funny.
    Do you have similar videos or can explain other differences? thank you!
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    Mameha reacted to Lingua Franca in Search engines for translations   
    i don't think there is a translation tool that is 100% accurate fortunately. There are some that are better then others but most will make your eyes bleed.
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