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    Amelie got a reaction from Ranaa in English Jokes   
    Mom: "Did you enjoy your first day at school?"
    Daughter: "First day? You mean I have to go back tomorrow?"

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    Amelie reacted to agentzero in Do you prefer British English or American?   
    It sounds classier and more sophisticated when it's John Cleese who's speaking. Hearing Cockney or Scouse accent makes wonder if they even speak English. American accent for me. Well, except that southern accent they have. Not a fan of Boston accent either.
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    Amelie got a reaction from anna3101 in English-language books that changed your life   
    Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank and Ernestine Gilbreth. It's one of my most beloved books. Frank and Lillian (the parents) remind me so much of my own parents. I also love the way it was written - sentimental but not maudlin, cheeky and irreverent, but always respectful. I hated the ending, however, but it's not like the authors did it on purpose.
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    Amelie got a reaction from anna3101 in Do you find that being angry or upset affects your linguistic ability?   
    It's funny, but I've heard of people who actually use English (unconsciously) when they're steaming mad and berating someone. They even swear that their fluency improves when they're mad. Strange, huh? I wonder if they're telling the truth, and if the explanation to that phenomenon is similar to why I drive better when I'm angry.
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    Amelie got a reaction from anna3101 in Goodreads   
    I rely on reviews on Goodreads more than those on Amazon (unless they're verified purchases). I get the feeling that reviewers on Goodreads are more upfront and honest about the books they're reviewing. @anna3101 is right, I do find that there are more like-minded people there than on Amazon. Although I do feel that some people should take it easy on those GIFs. Some are really obnoxious and annoying.
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