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    XLS got a reaction from 3rdeyeguy in Floridian learning Spanish one day at a time.   
    I think that conversation with someone who speaks the language that you are trying to study is crucial.  I too have heard the same thing about Rosetta Stone.    To help you learn the language I would suggest turning to your local Spanish channel such as Univision or Telemundo and watching Soap Operas (Novelas). No offense to those who watch Soap Operas but the topic is usually the same. It should be easy to follow along versus a movie.  
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    XLS reacted to 3rdeyeguy in Floridian learning Spanish one day at a time.   
    Hello from Florida! I'm currently learning Spanish via Rosetta Stone and so far I'm really enjoying it. I find it fascinating how many words are similar to the English words I've been using my entire life. Languages have always been an interesting subject to me and I feel like understanding different languages give me an insight into different cultures and life perspectives. Needless to say I'm very excited to learn more and more everyday. If any users know of any good Spanish movies to refer me to I would love to begin watching them to improve my language skills.
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    XLS reacted to agentzero in Floridian learning Spanish one day at a time.   
    How is Rosetta Stone for Spanish? I remember think about getting it for when I wanted to learn Spanish, but I was put off by a lot of people saying that it can help you understand the language but not actually speak it. 
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    XLS reacted to Paco in French Language or Arabic Language   
    A few days ago I decided to go to the Arabic town in my country, something similar to Chinatown in New York or San Francisco and visiting some people I know, I decided to asked them What language in Middle East is the best to learn in terms of jobs opportunities or business, the nationalities I asked where Syrian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Palestinian and Armenian, all of them reply kind of like the same way, Arabic language and French language, for some reason majority of Arabic spoken countries have French as a school language alongside with Arabic such as Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, etcetera, so some of these people where bilingual, they say according to their cultural and religious point of view, Arabic is the language of sacred Qur'an ("القرآن") so many people belong to Islam are interested in this language to read the Islamic book and praying, not only in Middle East but also some people in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, but on the other hand, they say French is more widely spoken than Arabic so apparently French gives people more jobs opportunities, but Arabic gives people more business opportunities with Oil market and tourism from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein and Emirates United Arabs where French language is not that spoken. So after this experience anecdote Which one gives more opportunities to foreigner in terms of job or business? Arabic or French?
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    XLS reacted to Eli Stutz in A common, "micro" language that takes 1 hour to learn   
    I've invented a universal language called Kipi with just 30 words. It's different than all other languages since it takes only one hour to learn. The idea is that most people in the world don't have focused time to learn a language, and that's why all other universal languages (like Esperanto) have not gained mass adoption. You can only say a few basic things in Kipi, but isn't having a small set of words in common better than no words? What's nice about Kipi compared to English, is that it uses sounds that are most common to world languages, so it's much easier to learn. Words are short, usually 2-syllables each. Some words represent full phrases. The idea is that it also puts both parties on even footing (there is no native speaker vs. non-native speaker - everyone is on common ground). Kipi is now translated into 25 languages and counting. I hope you'll take a look at Kipi and let me know what you think! Kiputi (thank you!) Eli Stutz.

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    XLS reacted to takibari in English Proficiency Test   
    No problem about bringing it up. My boss is Korean so preference is TOEFL and TOIEC. But we also once had a Japanese partner whose preference was Versant and IELTS. In my limited mind, however I look at it, English is the same wherever you are in the world (slight difference with English/Brit). But yeah, this just might be preference/purpose issue as different countries have their own bias as to which should constitute as the "standard" so they get to pick which exam to use to test non-native English speaker.
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