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  1. 41 neljäkymmentäyksi

    42 neljäkymmentäkaksi

    43 neljäkymmentäkolme

    44 neljäkymmentäneljä

    45 neljäkymmentäviisi


    99 yhdeksänkymmentäyhdeksän

    100 sata

    101 satayksi

    102 satakaksi

    103 satakolme

    110 satakymmenen

    120 satakaksikymmentä

    123 satakaksikymmentäkolme

    146 sataneljäkymmentäkuusi


    etc etc..


    Cambodia --> Kambodža --> Kambodžalainen

    Cameroon --> Kamerun --> Kamerunilainen

    Canada --> Kanada --> Kanadalainen

    Cape Verde --> Kap Verde --> Kap Verdeläinen

    Central African Republic --> Keski-Afrikan tasavalta --> Keski-Afrikkalainen

    Chad --> Tšad --> Tšadilainen

    Chile --> Chile --> Chileläinen

    China --> Kiina --> Kiinalainen

    Colombia --> Kolumbia --> Kolumbialainen

    Comoros --> Komorit --> Komorilainen

    Congo --> Kongo --> Kongolainen

    Costa Rica --> Costa Rica --> Costa Ricalainen

    Croatia --> Kroatia --> Kroatialainen

    Cuba --> Kuuba --> Kuubalainen

    Cyprus --> Kypros --> Kyprosilainen

    Czech Republic --> Tšekki --> Tšekkiläinen

  3. 21 kaksikymmentäyksi

    22 kaksikymmentäkaksi

    23 kaksikymmentäkolme

    24 kaksikymmentäneljä

    25 kaksikymmentäviisi

    26 kaksikymmentäkuusi

    27 kaksikymmentäseitsemän

    28 kaksikymmentäkahdeksan

    29 kaksikymmentäyhdeksän

    30 kolmekymmentä

    31 kolmekymmentäyksi

    32 kolmekymmentäkaksi

    33 kolmekymmentäkolme

    34 kolmekymmentäneljä

    35 kolmekymmentäviisi

    36 kolmekymmentäkuusi

    37 kolmekymmentäseitsemän

    38 kolmekymmentäkahdeksan

    39 kolmekymmentäyhdeksän

    40 neljäkymmentä

    and so forth..

  4. ...list continued:



    Afghanistan --> Afganistan --> Afganistanilainen

    Albania --> Albania --> Albanialainen

    Algeria --> Algeria --> Algerialainen

    Andorra --> Andorra --> Andorralainen

    Angola --> Angola --> Angolalainen

    Antigua and Barbuda --> Antigua ja Barbuda --> Antigua ja Barbudalainen

    Argentina --> Argentiina --> Argentiinalainen

    Armenia --> Armenia --> Armenialainen

    Aruba --> Aruba --> Arubalainen

    Australia --> Australia --> Australialainen

    Austria --> Itävalta --> Itävaltalainen

    Azerbaijan --> Azerbaijan --> Azerbaijanilainen



    The Bahamas --> Bahama / Bahaman saaret (Bahama's islands) --> Bahamalainen

    Bahrain --> Bahrain --> Bahrainilainen

    Bangladesh --> Bangladesh --> bangladeshiläinen (notice the 'ä' !)

    Barbados --> Barbados --> barbadosilainen

    Belarus --> Valko-Venäjä (White-Russia) --> valko-venäläinen

    Belgium --> Belgia --> Belgialainen

    Belize --> Belize --> belizeläinen

    Benin --> Benin --> beniniläinen

    Bermuda --> Bermuda --> Bermudalainen

    Bhutan --> Bhutan --> Bhutanilainen

    Bolivia --> Bolivia --> Bolivialainen

    Bosnia and Herzegovina --> Bosnia ja Hertsegovina --> Bosnia ja Hertsegovinalainen

    Botswana --> Botswana --> Botswanalainen

    Brazil --> Brasilia --> Brasilialainen

    Brunei --> Brunei --> Bruneilainen

    Bulgaria --> Bulgaria --> Bulgarialainen

    Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) -->  Burkina Faso --> Burkina Fasolainen

    Myanmar (formerly Burma) --> Myanmar --> Myanmarilainen

    Burundi --> Burundi --> Burundilainen


    That's all countries beginning with A & B according to wikipedia. Hope I got everything right!

    To be continued...

  5. Hi anna3103! Well, like in every country there's up and down sides about living in Finland aswell. For example the healthcare system is free for everyone in Finland but instead of paying for insurances we have to pay high taxes for pretty much everything. The taxes include education, infrastructures & much more of course.

    Anyhow if you like a long winter and a short summer then Finland is the perfect place for you! :D It's a shame that I'm more of a summer person.

    What kind of work did you do, if you don't mind sharing? :)

  6. Hello @Chiara ! Nice to meet you. Yes I've studied Swedish aswell but I kinda suck in it so I didn't list it as a language I know. :D Of course I know some vocabulary and the basics of Swedish but I don't count it as a language I know because I don't feel comfortable speaking it. I've studied it for six years in school so far and I still have to study it for some mandatory university course. Swedish is the second official language of Finland because of historical reasons and lots of Finns don't like it for the fact that Finland has been a part of Sweden back in the 1800's. I personally think its useful to know two languages right from the start.

    You should definitely visit Finland and perhaps on winter because as far as I know you Italians don't really have a winter in Italy ;) And yes, Espoo is right, its the name of this city in southern Finland near Helsinki (the capital).

  7. Just to avoid confusion, 'Mä' is a slang word for 'I' and the actual word from which 'mä' originates is 'minä'. In formal writing (job application etc etc) you just CAN'T use the "mä" version.

    So to sum up:

    English: "I am Ulla Ojala."

    Finnish slang: "Mä oon Ulla Ojala."

    Finnish formal: "Minä olen Ulla Ojala."

    So the slang word 'mä' is like the word 'minä' but you just kinda like drop out the "-in-" from it.

    Also notice the difference between 'oon' (slang) and 'olen' (formal).

    Hope this helps! :)

  8. There seems to be this misconception that Finnish is an easy language to learn. I'm sorry to say this to you people but its not. I've yet to meet a foreigner who speaks Finnish fluently and without an accent. Don't get me wrong, you totally can learn Finnish but don't expect to learn to speak it like a native or even fluently. Like all languages, in Finnish you have to practice your pronounciation in-order to sound like a Finnish person. This will take years of practice for some people and other people will never learn to pronounce Finnish words without an accent. Anyway, my post was not meant to discourage anyone willing to learn Finnish. Just keep in mind that it might be a bit harder than what you first expected (with all the ä's & ö's). ;)

  9. Hello everyone! So I just recently joined this forum and thought that it'd be nice to introduce myself. So I'm from Finland which means I speak Finnish as my native tongue so if there's anyone interested in learning Finnish (which by the way is pretty hard, or so I've heard) I'd be more than happy to help! I also speak Bulgarian as my second native tongue but I've never studied it in school. I can read and write Bulgarian to a certain point but the lack of education will be apparent when a Bulgarian person reads my texts and writings. My spoken Bulgarian is fluent tho because I've been speaking Bulgarian with my parents all my life. I speak English also, as you can see :) English is a nice language to know since it seems to be the language of the internet in today's world. Thank god (or some other divine entity) that I learned English from all the games, movies, comics and TV series that I watched when I was a kid. Now I can nicely communicate with other people around the world thanks to this.

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