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    Alex_F got a reaction from lushlala in Schools should encourage students to learn a foreign language or two at an early age   
    Ah, I agree so much. There are so many benefits to the human brain to learning a language early. I learned this in a linguistics class I took years ago and it has stuck with me for whatever reason. I want to make language learning a part of my life, although I've already kind of missed the time in life when it is most likely to stick. If you start learning a new language at a very early age (like 2-5), your brain has a greater capacity to keep the language. Also, kids who learn subjects in two or more languages will have an advantage in that area of study. They get better grades and have more success in school. On top of THAT, you can communicate with more of the world! I'm sad because the United States puts almost no emphasis on learning other languages, one of the many reasons why our public education kind of sucks. I'm not saying that you can't learn a new language as an adult... I don't think I could believe that. It's just much, much harder to learn to speak a new language fluently. 
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    Alex_F got a reaction from anna3101 in If you could speak just 5 languages what would they be?   
    1) Spanish - I've already learned so much Spanish and get so much pleasure out of speaking it.
    2) French - so beautiful
    3) Mandarin - I've never attempted a language in symbols, and this one would be useful for sure. 
    4) Quechua - Duuuh, you have to have some uncommon indigenous lanuage, too! 
    5) Mohawk - only the oldest in the Mohawk community still speak Mohawk. It will die with them! 
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