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    A few days ago I decided to go to the Arabic town in my country, something similar to Chinatown in New York or San Francisco and visiting some people I know, I decided to asked them What language in Middle East is the best to learn in terms of jobs opportunities or business, the nationalities I asked where Syrian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Palestinian and Armenian, all of them reply kind of like the same way, Arabic language and French language, for some reason majority of Arabic spoken countries have French as a school language alongside with Arabic such as Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, etcetera, so some of these people where bilingual, they say according to their cultural and religious point of view, Arabic is the language of sacred Qur'an ("القرآن") so many people belong to Islam are interested in this language to read the Islamic book and praying, not only in Middle East but also some people in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, but on the other hand, they say French is more widely spoken than Arabic so apparently French gives people more jobs opportunities, but Arabic gives people more business opportunities with Oil market and tourism from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein and Emirates United Arabs where French language is not that spoken. So after this experience anecdote Which one gives more opportunities to foreigner in terms of job or business? Arabic or French?
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    Paco reacted to Verba in French Language or Arabic Language   
    Okay, so I asked my husband just to be sure if French is widely spoken here. And he said it is as there is even a radio program here in French. Also, there is an oil and gas French company here which is Totale. So in that sense, there are many French people here. But then there are also other companies here that hail from other countries. But in terms of job opportunities, it is still knowing Arabic and yes, English, that will give you an edge. 
    I hope I was able to address your concerns well.
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    Paco reacted to Verba in French Language or Arabic Language   
    I'm not sure If I understood your post correctly. I believe you said French is widely used in Arabic countries and it gives you more job opportunities based on your conversation with people in a small Arabic town in your country. If this is what you meant, I beg to disagree because my family and I are based here in Qatar. French is not really widely spoken here. Knowing French here will not give you more job opportunities than when you know Arabic. I have been here for 8 years and I cannot speak both languages but I managed to get a job. I've been in 3 jobs in my eight years here. They don't mind if you cannot speak Arabic because they can speak and/or understand English except for the really old Arabic people. In fact, many Arabic youths are studying in English schools. They want to learn English too. Some locals hire native English speakers to tutor their children. But it is true that international schools here have French as a subject. I am just not sure if all or most of them have French. 
    I even think that knowing Arabic will give you an edge over the others because you can do jobs that require communications with Arabs, both in writing and speaking. I often come across jobs that have as a requirement "knowledgeable in both Arabic and English". But I have yet to see a job here that requires French fluency except of course for a French teaching post or a tutorial job. 
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    Paco reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in French Language or Arabic Language   
    It's funny to see how you post in 4 different languages + 1 variation each time.
    I only hope it wouldn't be overkill for you.
    I have no experience with neither of the 2 languages, but if you are really looking for a job in the Middle East, why not learn both languages?
    Don't worry about knowing perfect French or Arabic, not even a native speaker speaks their own language perfectly any way.
    Unless you want to become a lawyer, politician or university teacher, reaching B2 level would be enough for daily business.
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