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    1.Your first step is to learn pinyin;
    2.Then you will learn the basic four tones
    3. Use some daily-used expressions( such as greetings, expressing thanks, making an introduction) as long as the pinyin stuff which shows you how to read the Chinese characters;
    4. try to read them out loud and try to practice as often as possible
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    innovativecat reacted to DonnieDarko in Basic Chinese Grammar   
    I looked through some of the sections within the link and I thought they were decent.
    How the teacher at the school I'm attending teaches new learners is by this book:


    it follows many basic phrases for everyday life and general conversation with text readings that incorporate not only the characters in that chapter but also ones from past so you don't forget words. It also has pinyin, word definition in English, and also a index that shows all words in Characters and English translations.There are also multiple levels of the book so when you are ready to can go to the next step

    You are also going to want one of these:


    To look up words in Chinese yo have to find out the radical for the word and although it may seem like guessing at first you learn that it follows a uniform style and by looking up many words you not only learn the radicals of most words but become increasingly fast at identifying them, and its also good for just being a Chinese-English or English to Chinese dictionary.
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    Looking forward learning a new language, I thought that Chinese could be the next, so I was searching for free online resources to start with, and I found this site that promises to be a good one.

    Topics included in these basic Chinese grammar lessons include:

    Table of contents

    Basic Units of Word Structure in Chinese
    Compound Types I
    Compound Types II
    Word Classes I
    Word Classes II
    Adjectives: Stative Verbs
    Numerals & Measures
    Adverbs I
    Prepositions & Conjunctions
    The Chinese Sentence
    Sentence Structures I
    Subject-Predicate I
    Subject-Predicate II
    Copular Sentence
    Sentence Structures II
    Sentence Structures  III
    Complements I
    Complements  II
    Prepositional: use Coverbs
    Adverbs II

    And the full course can be found here, http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~rsimmon/chingram/
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