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    VinayaSpeaks got a reaction from Lingua Franca in Enrolling in a Class or Studying on Your Own   
    If you go to a language class, you will learn the language even if your don't find time to learn at home, you are at least learning the language in the class. Unless you have a strict routine, and you stick the the routine, it is very difficult to lean at home.
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    VinayaSpeaks got a reaction from lushlala in Language learning and intelligence   
    A person excels in math does mean he will also excel in science. math and science are different subject and need different level of intelligence. Likewise, a class topper may be be able to excel in language class. You need different level of intelligence to master a new language. Your interest and dedication also matters on how fast you can learn the language.
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    VinayaSpeaks got a reaction from Lingua Franca in What is the hardest part for you?   
    Yes, I have also observed that for some people learning language easy and for some it is really hard. However, it is also true that most of the people are bilingual if not multi lingual. That's because people learn language looking for earning opportunities. In Asian countries such as China, Japan Korea etc., people learn English as a second language because English creates opportunities for them in the job market.
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    VinayaSpeaks got a reaction from hades_leae in Are you single language user, bilingual or multilingual?   
    Do you speak just one language, two languages or multiple languages. When I say speak, I don't mean stilted, or rudimentary skills, I mean fluency in the languages. I am multilingual, I can speak Nepali, English and Hindi well. My French skills are rudimentary. 
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    VinayaSpeaks reacted to VictoriaV91 in Translator Job   
    Hi! Professional English-Spanish translator here. 
    Yes, I've studied a degree in translation and interpreting. I have no strong interpreting skills but I've done many translation jobs since some years ago.
    There's something I'd like to add to your post - speaking two languages isn't enough. Any aspiring translator should've very strong writing skills in their mother tongue and they should be able to do a lot of research in order to deliver a high-quality job, as well as not to miss the author's message in the source text. While I've had successful moments in my translator career  - I've also had big failures. Working as a professional translator is about a non-stop learning process that's rewarding eventually.
    My fifty cents.
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    VinayaSpeaks got a reaction from lushlala in Sign language   
    I was not aware that sign language differ country to country, I believed it was a universal language. I thought sign language was same in every country. If the sign language of different countries is different, how much differences do they have? In don't know sign language however I have tried to learn some words by watching news in sign language. I know how to spell "King"
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    VinayaSpeaks reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in Duolingo is Actually Much Better on PC!!   
    See the URLs I just supplied.
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    VinayaSpeaks got a reaction from sillylucy in Which foods help you learn?   
    Foods that stimulate and sharpen the brain are fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables, fresh juice (not canned juice), low carb diet, whole grains etc. You have to avoid spicy and oily foods that make you lethargic. Never take to any kind of addictions. Addictive substances such as cigarette, alcohol, marijuana and other substances make you dull. Milk products especially yogurt  is very good for your body. Walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, fish oil  are very good for brain development.
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