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    Teira Eri got a reaction from Cuba in Translation mistakes   
    As we've already seen from Blaveloper, Japanese is sloppy when it comes to correcting blatant translation mistakes. You would think that with all they spend on translation, they would hire proofreaders too.  

    I've seen some sad English to French translations that goes along these lines: http://www.buzzfeed.com/marietelling/26-hilarious-titles-of-hollywood-movies-in-france#.joY405x0r
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    Teira Eri got a reaction from Mameha in Does the genre of music you like change in different languages?   
    This is an interesting thought.  When I think about it, there are some genres that I like better in one language over another.  For example, for the most part I do not like American heavy metal bands.  I don't find the voices appealing.  However, I will listen to metal in Japanese or German or Italian. I like Korean pop and rap, but I rarely listen to J-pop and English pop.  French and Italian rap are where it's at for me.  Sometimes the language increases the power of the music or flows better with the beat.  Yet, if the song is good, I'll listen to it, regardless of where it originated from.  
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    Teira Eri got a reaction from wolfette in What's your favourite word in a language that isn't your native one?   
    Though I love a lot of different words from all over the world, one screams, "pick me, pick me."

    It's fernweh, German for wanderlust.  The other that equally rivals fernweh is shimoyake, Japanese for frostbite.
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    Teira Eri reacted to FenWoFon in Words for beautiful in Spanish   
    You missed some other words, here you got some other words you might like.
    Felicidad = Happiness
    Hermosura = Loveliness
    Epifania = Epiphany
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    Teira Eri reacted to Alfonso in Stereotypes About Native English Speakers   
    I just wanna throw this thought out there. What is the definition of a "native English speaker?". When I think about it, its seems like a flawed definition. I say that because English is the universal language and you have perfectly fluent English speakers from just about every country on Earth. Would you consider a boy from China for example, who grew up in an English speaking house and with perfect English speaking abilities to be a native English speaker?
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    Teira Eri got a reaction from 宇崎ちゃん in How to evaluate your vocabulary size?   
    I believe the best way to self-evaluate your vocabulary is to pick up a book in your chosen language and attempt to read it.  You will soon be able to ascertain your level of vocabulary.  Also listening to the radio or watching the news helps you gauge your level of comprehension.  Another method worth looking into may be Skyping with someone of your target language to see if you can truly carry conversation.  They will probably say you're great, but you will internally know how much you understand.

    The other way is to take comprehension tests like the TOEIC or JLPT.  Depending on the language you want to test, ability tests may or may not be available. 
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    Teira Eri got a reaction from BWL in In the kitchen/living room vocabulary   
    Thank you :3  
    The kanji for hasami is 鋏 but kana is the chosen method for writing it.  Supposedly, there's a second reading to the kanji, "yattoko/やっとこ" which means pincers or shears.  I suppose to prevent confusion, hiragana became the popular way to differentiate the two.
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    Teira Eri got a reaction from Miya in Japanese Grammar   
    You're welcome! As for your question, no, that's not necessarily true. In the places where tourists go, like the famous temples and museums, the staff is indeed bilingual and will attempt to speak with you in English.  However, as soon as you say in Japanese that you can speak and understand Japanese, they have no problem with switching back to their native language.  Many are actually appreciative if you speak Japanese.

    As for your Genki problem, I have the electronic versions of the textbooks and workbooks available HERE.  You should be able to download the PDF versions. 
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    Teira Eri got a reaction from lushlala in Do you find that being angry or upset affects your linguistic ability?   
    I've been having this experience quite often now that I'm in Japan, trying to find work or converse with people.  In interviews, I am absolutely terrified of messing up my speech...so much in fact that I go into vapor lock and can't think at all.  Naturally, this looks incompetent to the person doing the interviewing.  Everything in my mind either downgrades to baby babble or to English.  When I'm angry or stressed, I can't help but switch to English.  The exclamation of curse words in the mother tongue provides waaaay too much relief.

    I have a French-Canadian friend who, though adept in Japanese and English, will immediately go to French and "breathe dragon fire"--as we call it.  
    Seriously, I've tried this not too long ago.  I sounded like a dying cat and ended up doing more laughing than being angry.  Needless to say, the issue was mitigated and I decided I should probably practice expressing anger in front of a mirror first hahah.
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    Teira Eri reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in Translation mistakes   
    I ordered a PS Vita capture kit from Japan at one point and the manual made me laugh a whole week:
    (I made everything that's extra funny bold, because it's a lot of text.)
    Thanks for purchase and explanation about how to use
    Thank you for having you purchase a false fatty tuna capture kit.
    It is Katsuki in charge of the support.
    The driver installation is not automatic. I become hand-operated.
    Please download a driver and the viewer from the following URLs.
    serial number is (CENSOR)

    Please perform the exclusion and adding of the miniUSB cable carefully.
    I do not recognize that I treat it violently.
    It is broken when I let you reverse it. I look well, and please shine.
    When it breaks down, please apply for repair. When I disintegrate by oneself,
    I become out of repair, a guarantee object.
    [1.an installation method]
    Please look for a not clear device in device managers.
    Or please look for the device which I skip USB and shine and do it, and is recognized.
    Please defrost device driver from the URL that I contacted.
    When I connect USB, I click the right button of the not clear device
    I appoint driver folder, and please update the driver,
    The device appoints a universal birth control troller not an automatic search
    Please appoint the folder which the driver downloaded.
    [2.a way of the capture]
    Please start nPSV_view.exe. When an error is given,
    I search DirectX run time from the site of Microsoft, and please download it.
    The sound a mini-plug cable from earphone Jack of Nintendo3DS
    Please be connected to LineIN of the PC.
    It becomes the full screen by double click.

    [3 does not start]
    Please exclude capture board, all the peripheral devices.
    When a screen it distracted, only an upper screen chooses only a lower screen,
    and it list persuasion with an error frame; please do it so that there is it.
    Please join the connection together to a PC without a USB hub directly.
    When it is recognized to be other apparatuses by mistake,
    I display the non-indication device in device managers,
    Please delete the misrecognizing hardware.
    [4 cannot install it]
    Look at wiki for http://katsukity.blog123.fc2.com.
    In addition, I write it on the following pages in detail.
    When http://katsukity.blog123.fc2.com/blog-entry-443.html never goes well; ...
    Please send a contact to "(CENSOR)" of Skype.
    I cope by remote installation.
    The support free on the same day only at the time of the first purchase.
    The reinstallation by the PC replacement by purchase has a case to take time.
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    Teira Eri got a reaction from Language-Student in Japanese Masculine versus Feminine Language   
    Being in Japan, it's find of funny to see where the textbook lines blur.  I've heard and am friends with very feminine women who have the most masculine speech.  
    We read that Order Form (命令形・めいれいけい)is widely used by men in textbooks and the like.  For example, 触るな!(さわるな) Don't touch me!  
    Women use 'na' too.  邪魔するな、外人ちゃん is my favorite from the old women at the supermarket.  

    There's also the girls that use 僕(ぼく)、俺(おれ)、and 君(きみ) to sound tough.  The other day, I watched a petite woman grab her boyfriend by the wrist and grumble, 「何も見たくねぇ。行くぜ!」(There's nothing I want to see.  Let's go) and I was a little shocked at how he obediently said, "Hai!" It was like a scene out of J-Drama or something.
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    Teira Eri got a reaction from Wanda Kaishin in You have a gift!   
    I get told I have a natural talent for a lot of things quite often...though I am rather incredulous when it comes to that. While I don't necessarily see it as an insult, sometimes the presumptuous tone behind "you're a genius at_____/you have a talent for_____" does indeed irk me.  Sometimes when I hear this, it's like the person is suggesting I stop doing what I'm trying hard with and take the easy way out.  I like challenges, thanks.

    As for their dedication being lackluster, I don't know if that's a fair generalization.  I mean, I know people that want to learn a language but just don't know how.  Either they lack the resources or the confidence.  Outside of languages, talent versus effort is seen everywhere.  My mom, for example, wants to learn how to use chopsticks.  Unfortunately, she doesn't have the coordination in either hand to move the sticks correctly.  Is this a lack of drive or motivation on her part?  I think not.  Here's another example: everyone can sing.  But can everyone sing well? No.
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