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    yong321 got a reaction from linguaholic in How to overcome tiredness during language learning?   
    I agree with both linguaholic and Xequeo.
    My suggestion is to just change to an easier and more interesting book. I always wonder if there's research to prove my hypothesis, i.e. if the study material can be understood about 70 or 80%, you'll have the highest efficiency and make the fastest progress. This is about both reading and listening.
    Nowadays I don't allocate large chunks of time studying languages. I mostly read one page of Facebook newsfeed from Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, ... sometimes plus readers' comments, and memorize a few words or expressions I didn't know or know well. (I use an outdated web browser to read Facebook to avoid infinite scrolling.) Reading one page takes little time. But I do this a few times a day. Studying languages many times a day, but for a short duration every time, is efficient for me and keeps me interested.
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    yong321 reacted to Dmitry Krutov in Why do most people consider grammatical cases to be hard?   
    Only one reason why grammar is so difficult. Broca's area in the brain of age 16 years is usually completely full of native language's patterns. For adults we can't say "learn language", we should say "struggling to restructure small overloaded piece of the brain".
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    yong321 got a reaction from linguaholic in The multilingual idioms thread // Crowdsourcing Project   
    The Spanish translation "ir al grano" for "cut the cheese" seems to be for "cut to the chase" instead.
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    yong321 reacted to linguaholic in This is how I learn Spanish words effecively   
    looks pretty cool yong321. It's always nice to know a little bit about the etymology of words. It definitely helps me to learn new vocab faster.
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    yong321 reacted to lingvo in Treating ch as a letter and sorting after c   
    I don't care much about it. I always regarded it as something composed by two letters, instead of an individual one.
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    yong321 reacted to ILoveOrangeSoda in Treating ch as a letter and sorting after c   
    You are right, CH was considered to be another letter, and that happened too with LL. Until the 21st version of the Academic Dictionary, both letters had their own chapters. Please see this translation except of the RAE's website.
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    yong321 reacted to shadejb in Bing or Google   
    Google is actually improving itself gradually. It is crowd-sourced, and everyone contribute either by translating new phrases or correcting old ones. I am a contributor, and I must say for a lesser known language like mine (Vietnamese), it got a lot of complex phrases right. Some are ridiculous of course, but that's what I am there for. Bing on the other hand seems to translate word by word, and that does not end well for my language.
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    yong321 reacted to BWL in Gender in French language   
    That's a good question! Here's a rough (OK, very rough) guide:
    Feminine noun endings
    The majority of words that end in -e or -ion. Except words ending in -age, -ege, -é, or -isme (these endings often indicate masculine words) Masculine noun endings
    Most words with other endings are usually masculine.
    There are numerous exceptions, for example "la plage" and "le poète", that the above rules will work with about 80% of French nouns you will encounter.
    Happy Learning!
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