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    ornstein reacted to GingerCat in What did you decide to learn a language?   
    Ornstein, I like your way of thinking. Enriching yourself and becoming more open to other cultures is admirable. What a different place this world would be if everyone would have that attitude!
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    ornstein got a reaction from GingerCat in What did you decide to learn a language?   
    Haha, no worries. There are many others that are like-minded. But in the end, all that matters is that you're motivated to learn a language. Which is excellent! And I hope you do go to France one day - so, good luck!
    As for my reason, it's quite simple. Enriching myself; and by that I mean to become more wiser, to be more understanding of other cultures and their mindset. How and why they think in a certain way. It's truly something fascinating to me. Also, knowing many languages gives you an advantage over many people (in terms of communication). So whenever I need to say something discreetly, the extra languages truly do come in handy.  
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    ornstein got a reaction from Rumpelstilzli in Grüezi!   
    ¡Bienvenida, amiga! I'm very impressed with your knowledge on languages - truly. I myself am passionate about languages. However, my approach to it requires hands-on learning rather than learning by reading endless paragraphs as to how each word (or anything) functions. It gets boring, you know? Haha. I'm curious about your Spanish; do you speak Latin or Castilian Spanish?
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