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    fcuco got a reaction from lushlala in Talking to yourself?   
    I do it all the time, and also the talking out loud part, not simply talking inside my head. This worked for me a lot as I had pretty good reading comprehension and writing skills but failed when it came to talking. I do it while alone in my car commuting to places, it is the perfect location as you are really alone and nobody is going to suddenly enter and disturb you. 

    There is a concept called "cognitive ease" that states that the  more that you do something the more natural and easy it feels, I guess it applies to speaking the language that you are learning as well, by the time that you actually have to talk to another person you have hours and hours of talking to yourself under the belt, expressing yourself using this new language.
    Do it, I highly recommend it.
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    fcuco got a reaction from Mameha in Hábleme de usted...   
    Ciao!, Con gusto. Excelente español.
    Debes colocar ¡: "¡Hola a todos!"

    "Mi idioma". Mis idiomas plural, mi idioma, singular.

    "a el" se contrae como "al", "al español"

    "este idioma", "el idioma" es masculino.

    "así de larga"


    Todo lo demás está muy bien.
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    fcuco got a reaction from linguaholic in Hábleme de usted...   
    Muy buen vocabulario, algunas palabras bastante complejas. Gramática buena.

    Algunas notas:

    "la mayoría de mi vida", el "por" sobra.

    "nunca me he fijado"

    "la gramática del español"  Para nombres propios: "la casa de Pedro" para sustantivos: "la casa del hombre" o "la silla de la gata"

    "Quiero fortalecer mi destreza"  (I want to). También sirve: "Quisiera fortalecer" (I would like to)

    Realmente me impresiona tu vocabulario.

    Don't worry too much about "tildes", native speakers barely use them unless they are writing more formal letters or they are in a work or school setting.
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