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    IronMike got a reaction from x0xLucyMx0x in Кот or Кошка?   
    My кот gets very upset when people call him кошка.

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    IronMike got a reaction from Trellum in Ladino   
    Grasyas for this!
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    IronMike reacted to Hope in Encourage Language Learning in Children   
    Actually that is a very thing I am struggling with now. My ancestors come from a long line of Cherokee. The only person in my family who now can speak Cherokee fluently is my Great Aunt, who I do not get to talk to very often. I am trying to find some way to learn Cherokee because that is a part of my family, a heritage I am extremely proud of. It is very difficult learning this language as it is almost dead. I would absolutely teach my children, if I can become fluent in it. Because i want that to be carried one. I want that heritage and part of my family to survive. 
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    IronMike reacted to Trellum in Ladino   
    A really nice YouTube course to learn basic ladino:
    LESSON 1
    LESSON 2
    LESSON 3
    LESSON 4
    LESSON 5
    LESSON 6
    Another short course on YouTube:
    Lesson 1 / Part 1
    Lesson 1/ Part 2
    Lesson 1/ Part 3
    Lesson 1/ Part 4
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    IronMike reacted to Trellum in Ladino   
    Here are some resources that might be useful to you:
    Some basics phrases: http://www.sephardicstudies.org/benbassat.html
    Some nice proverbs: http://www.bigbridge.org/BB14/MCASTRO.HTM
    Yet more sayings: http://archives.conlang.info/bi/fhoerbho/ghulsheghaun.html
    Phrases, words and proverbs organized by letter: http://www.sbhseattle.org/resources/ladino/#Phrases
    Ladino Phrases used by Sephardic jews living in Bulgaria: http://sefarad.org/lm/058/html/page18.html
    Ladino phrase book by Wiki Travel:  http://wikitravel.org/en/Ladino_phrasebook
    I will add more links later   Plus other resources, but I need more time for that!
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    IronMike reacted to Trellum in Ladino   
    I am starting this thread because a member mentioned he was interested in learning this language    For those who don't know it, the ''ladino'' language is a dying language,  and is the language of the Sephardic jews.   I'm one of them, and this language used to be a big part of our culture, but sadly most ladino speakers are old people... and the younger generation of Sephardi Jews don't speak it.   The language is basically a mix of  (old) Spanish and Hebrew, but depending on where the speaker lives some words from Greek, Turkish, and Arabic are often borrowed. 
    I am creating this thread in hopes I can add more and more resources to learn this language, not immediately but little by little, also depending on the interest of others to learn this language. 
    If you want to know what this amazing language sounds like, then check this mix on YouTube:
    An interview with a native Ladino speaker born & raised  in Israel:
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    IronMike got a reaction from potoloklol in What is the most challenging aspect of the Russian language?   
    Your comment here reminded me of this funny demotivational poster:

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    IronMike reacted to Trellum in Interested in Language Preservation?   
    @IronMike   I might actually do it later on, I've some materials I'd love to share... but I hadn't because I didn't think anyone would be interested in ''ladino'',  other than the Sephardi Jews living in Israel (and the rest of the world).  Oddly enough most Sephardi Jews I've met don't seem so interested    
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    IronMike reacted to Trellum in Interested in Language Preservation?   
    The best example I can give you is the language of my people, I'm talking of ''Ladino'', the language spoken by the sephardi jews.  Our language is dying, right now is only spoken in Israel by a few grandmothers, but you can find a few places where you can learn it.  Still, less and less young people are showing interest in it. I honestly think this language is going to die out soon.  It's sad but true, very few living speakers.  When the last ladino speaking grandma in Israel dies... that will surely be it.  Sadly this is something bound to happen.
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    IronMike reacted to Saoirse in Resources for immersion   
    A bit late to the party, but I will share my resources. I've been a casual (sometimes serious) learner of Irish for about five years now and it's taken a lot of trial and error to find good websites! Hopefully this list will help someone else.
    TG4 - Irish language TV. (You can stream many of the shows in North America. Check out the dramas, especially Ros na Rún and Corp + Anam!)
    Nós Magazine. (Both online and in print - it has a lovely sleek design and modern feel)
    Raidió Fáilte Podcasts. (Podcast lessons, along with regular interviews and radio programs. Mostly in the Ulster dialect)
    Pota focal Glossary (This is a dictionary, but so much more. After typing in a word or phrase, hit the tab that says "Beo!" and you can find examples of the word used in Irish language texts across the web. One of my favorite tools!)
    Talk Irish. (Word a day site - there are several hundred proverbs and words used in sentences, with accompany mp3s for each one). 
    Vicipéid - Irish Wikipedia. (This is awesome! It's not the most comprehensive thing ever, but it's really neat that it even exists, and there is opportunity for growth)
    I'm sure I have more if anyone is interested, but this should be a good starting point. 
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    IronMike got a reaction from 宇崎ちゃん in Кот or Кошка?   
    My кот gets very upset when people call him кошка.

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    IronMike got a reaction from Mameha in Words with two meanings   
    I'm fine with this. Russian has tons of words with more than one meaning (look up снять someday).
    What I've gotten into trouble with in the past is false friends among related languages. My all-time favorite is понос.  In Serbian it means honor whereas in Russian it means diarrhea
    Don't confuse those two!
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