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    Voytek reacted to Emmahallstrom in Hello everyone!   
    Hello! I am new here! I am ecstatic to have finally found a online community that can help me learn a bunch of languages.
    Thank you! Have a good day!
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    Voytek got a reaction from Emmahallstrom in This is how I learn Spanish words effecively   
    This method:

    Forvo (a site with recorded words-mp3). You have to be registered to download files (it`s free):

    An images searcher;



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    Voytek got a reaction from linguaholic in Any Swede here?   
    It`s good to know that there`s someone from Sweden. Perhaps, in the future I`ll ask you to help me by chatting with me via Skype. For now, I`m at level A2 with my Swedish so it`s too soon.
    I got those minimal pairs from forvo.
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    Voytek reacted to Trellum in I want to test my Spanish   
    Hi there, if you still want to test your Spanish, you could also try these tests:
    They are very short, but I think they serve to give you an approximate idea of what your level actually is. 
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    Voytek reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in I want to test my Spanish   
    The official Spanish language exam is called "DELE".
    I didn't try it myself yet, but here you can test your Spanish skills per level.
    This website offers a full mock exam, including the answers sheet.
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    Voytek reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in Android applications for Spanish learning   
    I know there are more generic apps like Duolingo and Memrise (the latter one is very helpful), but I don't know any specifically for just Spanish.
    But you should still use them with caution, apps are never intended to be used as your only study material, they're meant to be used as a learning aid.
    <B1 learners should use something much more explanatory as their main material, like textbooks, Italki lessons or what I recently started to use: InnovativeLanguage.
    InnovativeLanguage is the company behind SpanishPod101, JapanesePod101, RussianPod101 and a lot more.
    Their sites will seem like scam to you at first, but the materials they offer are excellent.
    InnovativeLanguage has an Android app too, textbooks could have a digital Play Books version or not (it differs from book to book) and Italki doesn't need an app (Italki lessons are most likely being done on Skype).
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    Voytek reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in Android applications for Spanish learning   
    There are plenty of Android apps to learn one or multiple language(s), but I can't stress enough the importance to use real world content.
    Apps are fine for absolute beginners, but once you moved beyond B1 level you should read/listen to the news, product reviews, podcasts, books, comics, etc. in that language while it's NOT a learning material.
    The main reason is that language learning apps provide simple, unreal sentences.
    This is OK for people who just start learning a language, but a big no-no for people more advanced like that.
    And non-learning apps are more commonly available for free too.
    I say all of this because people often overestimate this, and seeing how you explained your learning process in another topic, I assume your Spanish is already beyond A2 at the very least.
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