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  1. Hello all, New to the forum here, hope you don't think my question is stupid so I'll try to explain. In England we don't actually learn English grammar, so I've always felt it's more difficult to learn foreign languages. Especially in my own experience of learning German where the grammar system is so much more complex. Four cases and 16 situation dependent versions of the word 'the'... I want to know: Are German speakers actually aware whether a sentence is accusative, nominative, genitive or dative as they say it? Do they know instinctively if something is the subject, object, indirect object etc, and form their sentences instantly according to the case? OR, is it mostly learned whilst growing up, through repetition and context? I basically, would love to find a new way to learn that involves minimal grinding of the grammar terminology... much of which is somewhat alien to me because English grammar was never taught. If anyone could share any resources or tips to learn by context or examples you will have my sincere gratitude! And if anyone can empathise and understand where I'm coming from that would be nice as well. I want to take the next step with my German education but I feel stuck and confused about how best to push on. Thanks all! Tom
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