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    hades_leae got a reaction from John Snort in Always Carry a Dictionary?   
    I went to the store and bought a dictionary, plus a thesaurus. I thought I was going to need both of them, and I also bought a Spanish translation book, they were all really thick. After a few days, I stopped looking at them and felt it was a waste of money because I have the internet and more to go and look up whatever I need. 
    I prefer using the internet, but it would suck it the internet became unavailable. So in a way I'm happy I still have the book, it's just that you can't get verbal pronunciation with them like you can with phones.
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    hades_leae got a reaction from lushlala in Language learning and intelligence   
    I don't personally think it really matters, if you have the will to learn then you can learn. I was not a straight a,b, or c student in school and I managed to learn Spanish, plus out side of school I started studying French and I love where I am so far with the language and I never finished school.
    Intelligence doesn't matter, people just need to be able to communicate in the language, and that's different from learning how to be an engineer, or mathematician. 
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    hades_leae reacted to Bokyy in google translate   
    Google Translate is a very useful tool, and when I forget some word in a foreign language, I come to it, and ask. Many of us here know very well how tricky might be writing a foreign language. Everything is different, words, sentence structure, punctuation... So one who writes should have a good knowledge and helpful tools.
    I have grown together with the translator, and it has served me as an online dictionary. I am aware, it has a problem to translate some complex sentences, but for basic things, it serves perfectly well. Some time ago, I joined as a volunteer to its developer community. Now I am helping and translating words and phrases for the tool.  
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    hades_leae reacted to John Snort in Always Carry a Dictionary?   
    In the age of digital books is it even necessary to take a dictionary with you everywhere you go?

    The purpose for having a dictionary with you is looking up news words as and when you come across them. Since dictionaries can be bulky wouldn't a digital version of your preferred dictionary work just as well as a physical one? Or do you think you are more likely to use the latter more often because it's weight at all times reminds you why you have it with you in the first place?
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    hades_leae got a reaction from John Snort in Will Technology Make Learning New Languages Obsolete?   
    I feel like letting technology in our lives for everything eliminates the culture in things. I don't want to let technology make learning another language obsolete. I want to connect with the culture, sure it's good for basic things and helping out, but I don't want it ti just take over completely. That is if I had the choice.
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    hades_leae reacted to GingerCat in Learn Your English Grammar First   
    One of the things I remember distinctly from learning French in high school was my teacher talking about English grammar. A lot of people don't realize how important knowing grammar in your own language is to actually learning a new one. If you don't understand parts of speech, it's nearly impossible to get your head around them in another language, even if they are not formulated the same way in English.
    Thankfully, I have always found English grammar fun and interesting, so that part of learning a foreign language was not so difficult for me. But for others, this can be quite a tricky thing. I actually would recommend brushing up on English grammar before starting a foreign language if you are at all unsure of the rules.
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    hades_leae reacted to John Snort in Will Technology Make Learning New Languages Obsolete?   
    Technology never will render the learning of new languages obsolete. While yes I've heard of these new ear buds which can allegedly translate languages in real time, at the present the best you can hope for is word by word translation provided the speaker enunciates their words clearly. That said, if you want to read something written in a language you don't know machine translations won't do because there'll be something lost in translation. That's why people will still have to learn new languages that interest them.
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    hades_leae reacted to Milanina in Marrying someone who doesn't speak your language   
    It depends! My spouse doesn't speak my language, and whilst I'm learning his - we speak English with each other. For me it's important to at least have some kind of language in common - even if it's not my native language. Beyond romance and love, it makes everyday life easier for mundane stuff like grocery lists, handling documents or making decisions together.
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    hades_leae reacted to gracerph in Marrying someone who doesn't speak your language   
    Oh that was a cute love story. I'm sorry that you didn't end up together though. Anyway, to answer your question it's a yes for me. I know that communication is very important in a relationship but if it has to be me who has the ability to try to learn the language of my future spouse then I will try my best to do so. In time, with patience and perseverance you can then both speak the same language and understand each other more.
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    hades_leae reacted to celebritea in American native English speakers: do you have an accent?   
    I'm from the south, but I've been told I have "no" accent, somehow. American accents have always been intriguing to me and the history/influence behind them. I recently moved from Georgia (where the basic "southern drawl" is common) to coastal South Carolina. Natives from this area have a very interesting accent, that almost sounds Caribbean. I believe it's called a "Gullah" accent. It's fascinating to me.

    What's you accent/dialect? Where are you from?
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    hades_leae reacted to g2narat in How do you correct someone's pronunciation politely?   
    I have a problem. My friend likes to try different languages, I like to teach him because he's such an eager student. The problem with that is that his pronunciation is all over the place. It's so tough to correct him because he gets so enthusiastic when speaking another language, not knowing people have a hard time understanding what he's saying because of his pronunciation. How do you deal with that?
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    hades_leae reacted to abonnen in Hi Everyone   
    Hi, i joined because I am starting to learn Spanish and am having some difficulty.  I have always had problems learning any type of language.  I have took 3 years of Spanish and can barely speak any, I have took arabic, as well as other language classes and have failed in all of them.  I am hoping to try again and really focus on learning Spanish.
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    hades_leae reacted to Nekomimi_mode in If you could speak just 5 languages what would they be?   
    1. English
    2. Chinese(mandarin)
    3. Arabic
    4. Korean
    5. Japanese
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    hades_leae reacted to VinayaSpeaks in Are you single language user, bilingual or multilingual?   
    Do you speak just one language, two languages or multiple languages. When I say speak, I don't mean stilted, or rudimentary skills, I mean fluency in the languages. I am multilingual, I can speak Nepali, English and Hindi well. My French skills are rudimentary. 
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    hades_leae reacted to xTinx in What's the most challenging about learning a foreign language?   
    Is it the accent? The pronunciation? The sentence structure? For me it's the pronunciation. It's not enough to learn the words or know the system of writing, I guess. You also need to speak the language in a way that native speakers can relate to or understand. There are certain words that will take on another meaning when pronounced differently. That's why pronunciation is very important. You might inadvertently offend native speakers if you mispronounce a word with both positive and negative connotations.
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    hades_leae reacted to 003 in google translate   
    No, it's not a good idea to use a Google translate translating your sentences. Sentences have their own though produced by combining the words that are in that sentence. These thoughts only humans can understand. Google translate doesn't understand these thoughts, and so they are not able to accurately translate the sentence. I only use Google translate when I am translating single words, when I am only looking for the meaning. That's all.
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    hades_leae reacted to wolfette in Languages and accents   
    Do you find it easier to learn a language from someone that has an accent that matches the language you're trying to learn? For example, if you're learning English do you prefer the person you're learning from to have an English accent? Or would it not make much difference to you? 
    I didn't think it would matter, and when I first began to learn Spanish I was learning from an English person. My accent in Spanish was then difficult to understand to native Spanish speakers. However, when I learned more Spanish from my friend that is Spanish I found my accent became better in Spanish too and therefore it was easier for me to be understood. I also found it easier to understand when Spanish people are talking to me (rather than English people speaking Spanish). 
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    hades_leae got a reaction from John Snort in Ways To Stay Motivated When Learning New Langauges?   
    I stay motivated by trying to talk to people in the language, and making myself watch some shows on a foreign network so that I can get it down. When I started watching Telemundo network, I heard many things that I learned, and that made me so excited because I knew I was learning. 
    There have been many shows that I have skipped threw, but was really interested in. Now I know a lot, and can keep up most of the time.
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    hades_leae reacted to John Snort in Ways To Stay Motivated When Learning New Langauges?   
    An excuse I often hear why people don't try hard enough to learn new langauges — it's too hard.


    Nothing is too hard. A positive attitude and a good reason why you need to get something hard would make a huge difference. And actually one great way to stay motivated when learning a new language is having a good reason why you are learning it. For example if someone wants to read the bible in it's original form in Greek or another language then they wouldn't give up that easily [if they thought learning Greek was hard].

    Got more tips? How can one stay motivated when learning a new language that may seem be hard to learn?
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    hades_leae reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in Choosing A Language   
    Off topic: I just removed your second topic, which was exactly the same as this one.
    On topic: I don't believe Chinese is the language you can use the most often, despite the amount of speakers.
    Out of the 1,164,755,000 native speakers, almost all of them live in China (or Singapore, Taiwan or Vietnam?).
    Although we do have lots of Chinese people living in the Netherlands, they will almost always speak Dutch to you, assuming you won't understand Chinese anyway.
    When I travelled back from my JLPT test, I was actually sorry I didn't bother to learn Spanish beyond the very basics, since I had to use Google Translate to make ourselves at least a bit understandable to each other.
    At least I'm glad a random American appeared who spoke Spanish.
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