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    LeHolic got a reaction from lushlala in Languages and accents   
    This is true. I guess it's just like with any other facet of life. You start from the basics and then advance on solid grounds.
    In the case of language and accents, I guess it depends largely on the environment in which one is forced to learn. If you live in a community along with people with a certain accent, you have no other choice but to adapt. If -on the other hand- you have the opportunity to choose your own learning environment and tools, I completely agree with you since interacting with those who have a "cleaner" accent can be a great help in the beginning.
    Absolutely! I've interacted with people coming across as more knowledgeable in the language than a large chunk of natives. You'd never know English isn't their mother tongue if you didn't ask.
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    LeHolic reacted to Rooks57 in Languages and accents   
    I've tried learning from people who have the authentic thick accents that are the most common and I can't hear them.  Not really, so I don't learn.  I had one Spanish teacher from Spain who spoke with a real accent and I regressed in my Spanish class because of him.  For me, a cleaner accent, even if it's not the most common works the best for me.  Because from the clean words, I can start to pick out words within the deep accents.  When it comes to speaking, I find I need to work from simple to more complex in both sound and structure otherwise I can't be understood because I slur the words in the attempt to make recreate the accent. 
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    LeHolic got a reaction from GingerCat in Did you study French in high school or college?   
    I would have liked learning it, my high school education was focused in English (no surprise there), although some careers in the humanities do see French, and even notions of Latin. I was a science student in high school so for me English was the only foreign language in sight, but I would have liked very much to have had the opportunity to learn French in my high school years. Very much indeed.
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    LeHolic got a reaction from blue_plume in Tip for learning a new language   
    Excellent advice! What I've done in the past is reading manuals for beginner learners in my target second language (not necessarily for children). I can only say it has been effective.
    Another thing that helped me when learning being using books for tourists. Usually they list the most popular and useful phrases for everyday life, which can be invaluable when interacting with native speakers for the first time. e.g. Greetings, how to ask for directions, asking for common meals at the restaurants and the like.
    This has been my personal experience. I can only agree with what you mention; a children's book is also quite valuable, especially if you have someone who already speaks fluently to clarify your doubts. Textbooks for infants are usually used by a teacher in the educational process so it does not hurt to have a personal mentor.
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