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    Meghan, I studied French in high school too. I enjoyed it and really paid attention, but I did not study it in college, so I too have lost a lot since then. I am now trying to brush up and improve. I would really like to become fluent eventually, but my next goal is to learn enough to feel that I could confidently get around Paris and really immerse myself in the culture. I feel that that would also help me to become fluent. My hope is that after I have studied some more here, I will have saved up enough money to go and live in Paris for a month or two.
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    Hello, there; thanks for the kind welcome! 
    I see that you're currently studying French? I took four years of French in high school, but I've forgotten over half of what I've learned, by now. I've always meant to brush up on my skills, but that motivation was swept under the rug when my current interests took hold, aha. Do you have any end goals for your language learning?
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    Hi Meghan, I'm 23 too. Welcome to the forum. You are ambitious with wanting to learn Korean and Japanese!
    I hope that you find it a good place to learn and socialize with others who are into language. I am finding it a fun place to hang out.
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