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    Tripeo got a reaction from gracerph in Enrolling in a Class or Studying on Your Own   
    I have never considered myself a big fan of paid courses since all they do is suck all of your money and turn the learning process into something annoying and also boring. I don't really know which course you're attending to, but it must be really fun and interactive for you to consider it as a good thing, for real. Courses are basically another school where you'll be oblied to study and therefore, you will end up hating it. That's my opinion though.
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    Tripeo got a reaction from 宇崎ちゃん in What language learning techniques/tools would you suggest that are not internet based?   
    Well, I do not really like sharing my secrets, but since this is a great community, then I will just go ahead and share some tips. Well, first off, never pay for a course of any kind, courses are like school and I know you do not like going to school so it is going to be the same feeling, you will get bored, annoyed by the teachers, you will get tired and that's not really the way a person can get to learn something properly. For the second tip, we have PRACTICE, yes, practice is what's going to take you to the highest hill, but if you never practice, then you're not evolving and your learning process is going to be slow as a turtle and I am pretty sure you don't want that to happen. Most people say they do not have anything or anybody to practice with and that's a total lie, it's 100% confirmed by me that you can practice with absolutely anything and at anytime, excuses such as "I do not have time" "I do not have anybody to talk with" "I need to pay a course to get motivated" do not make any sense at all, if you really want something you can jump the tallest wall to get it, that's for sure.
    Good Luck and Happy Learning!
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