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    Valeria reacted to Mereloshn in Ciao a tutti!   
    No I have never studied Italian before, and as of now I've actually learned as much Yiddish as I can learn with the resources I have.  Short of going to a college class, I'm done.  I am interested in continuing to learn Spanish but I would also love to learn Italian and with you and some other new Italian speaking people here I think I can do well in studying Italian by learning from real speakers.  I will probably use some language apps on the side but learning from a person is better.
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    Valeria reacted to cardinals27 in Ciao a tutti!   
    Welcome to the forum! Italian is a good language.
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    Valeria reacted to lushlala in What's your favourite word in a language that isn't your native one?   
    Ooh too many to mention! I like word in Italian with the 'zz' sound, as in
    ragazzi- boys
    ragazze- girls
    Piazza- public square
    Pizza- pizza
    canzonetta- small musical piece
    I also like the diminutive derivatives like for piccolo- little/ piccolino- little one
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    Valeria reacted to clair02 in Ciao a tutti!   
    Welcome to the forum, Valieria! It's great to have you here. As a teacher of Italian, I'm sure you will be able to give great value to this forum. I look forward to interacting and learning from you. 
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    Valeria reacted to Mereloshn in Ciao a tutti!   
    I can definitely help you with your English and I would like to be in your online Italian course.  I'm currently wrapping up a Yiddish course at an online Yiddish academy and once it's over I would be very interested in your Italian course.  Learning from a real language speaker is much more effective for me than learning from computerized apps. 
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    Valeria got a reaction from Mereloshn in Ciao a tutti!   
    Thank you! I am very glad you decided to study Italian, you won't regret  I am here if you need some help in this new adventure! And now I know someone whom ask questions when I am in doubt with my rusty English!
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    Valeria reacted to Mereloshn in Ciao a tutti!   
    Welcome Valeria.  It's very nice to have you here.  I am definitely interested in learning Italian and am considering putting Spanish on hold to do it and use this site to help me learn it so I'm glad you're here. 
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    Valeria got a reaction from Mereloshn in Ciao a tutti!   
    Hi there!
    My name is Valeria I am Italian and I love languages, like everyone here I suppose!
    I studied English and German, but they are a bit rusty now, so any help for keep them "fit" is welcome, I'm also planning to  learn portuguese and japanese ( perfect match, don' t you think?)...Hope my brain will bear all of them  
    Oh... I am a teacher, I teach Italian online, if any of you is interested in studying Italian, I' m here!
    Ciao, a presto!
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