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  1. Hi there! I would say start with a list of features, what your app needs to do. Then maybe sketch some screens to clarify it a bit more. Then you'll need to contact an app developer and have it quoted, because building an app is obviously a trade of its own, not something you can pick up as you go.
  2. I am a ~B2 level learner, have been learning Spanish via a podcast here: https://teacherjose.com/podcast/ I learn by hearing most of all. I have turned iTunes and ivoox upside down trying to find quality content that is relevant to a learner like myself. I found this podcast is one of the best around. I love that it's real Spanish with english translations here and there. The speaker speaks with a neutral Spain accent. What I like is that there isn't a clear topic, sometimes he explains expressions, other times gives tips and tricks, talks about motivation, grammar and all sorts of thi
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