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  1. As a long-term language learner I've always been interested in ways to practice and learn. There are quite a few good learning apps available these days, but there aren't many good ones when it comes to actually using the language. I wanted something more like real dialogue with natives, so I've built (my day job is in web development) a web app that focuses on ability to express oneself naturally. Summary of features: Collaborate with a native-speaker (or work on your own) to describe a picture Get feedback from native-speakers Statistics + experience points to kee
  2. Hello, I currently work in the customer service industry in the UK and come across people from all over the world speaking many different languages. My goal is to learn as many useful sentences in a few of these languages as I can to improve the level of service I give. I feel it is much more personal to be able to make the effort to communicate in their language if they aren't confident with English. That being said, any help, advice, or sentences in your language you feel would be useful in this situation you could give me, I would be most grateful for. Kind Regards.
  3. 你好!My name is Jenny Huang, from Go-Go-Go Mandarin. We are an experienced Mandarin teacher team from the United States and China who work offer high quality online language classes all over the world! We believe that high quality teaching is the most important key to your language learning. All of us are full-time or part-time K-12 and language school teachers in the U.S and in China. We provide high quality Chinese lessons, using effective immersive strategies to help students communicate in Chinese naturally and comfortably. We all hold advanced degrees majoring in Chinese Langua
  4. Hello! Can you help me to translate this sentence in Hindi, please? - Who travel for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one - Thanks in advance,
  5. Can anyone recommend me some children's books that are in Chinese? I can't read much above the level of about second grade but I enjoy testing my limits with the books all the same. If you can provide any links or pds files I'd greatly appreciate it. 谢谢!
  6. First of all, big “Hello” to everyone in the community here. We're a China-based software company that's developing tools for Chinese learners. Our international team is a mixture of Westerners as well as Chinese nationals, all living and working in Shenzhen, China. We pride ourselves on bridging the cultural gaps between China and the West as well as delivering cutting-edge and free/affordable tools for people who study Chinese at any level. Over the past years we've also grown quite a fan base (over 216,000 followers on Facebook): Our main app – WCC Chinese Dictionary – is a toolkit pac
  7. Hello, my name is Andreas, my mother tongue is German and I studied English, French, Latin and Italian at highschool. I was never very good at languages but love different cultures and traveling so I started to learn them regardless. I first went to China in 2002 to study Mandarin and today run a Chinese language school (LTL Mandarin School) there and recently started to learn Spanish. Anyone who has any questions about China, learning Chinese or living in Beijing, let me know. Andreas
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