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Found 4 results

  1. I had to write a letter and I would appreciate if someone could it. Many thanks, in advance. I had to answer a letter where Brigitt asked me to do the shopping because I finish earlier. She asked me when will I finish and if I would like to eat soup or pasta with meat. She also asked me to buy some chockolate for her and check if we have bread and milk for the breakfast. My answer: Hallo Brigitt, danke für deine Post, es ist sehr wichtig. Ich arbeite heute bis 5 Uhr. Ich bin um viertel nach fünf zu Hause. Dann gehe ich zu den Supermarkt. Ich mag Nudeln mit Fleisch. Ich finde deine Idee sehr schön, Ich esse Nudeln gern. Du bist richtig, wir haben keine Kartoffeln. Ich kaufe Kartoffeln auch. Aber wir haben Brot für das Frühstück. Wir haben Milch auch. Ich bin sicher. Ich weiße dass, Du liebst Schokolade. Aber jetzt Ich habe kein Geld für deine Schokolade. Es tut mir leid. Doch, Ich habe Geld für einen Kuchen. Ich glaube du liebst Kuchen und Ich esse Kuchen gern auch. Liebe Grüße V.
  2. Hi guys, just two weeks ago I had to take the Basis Examen Inburgering. I haven't gotten the results yet, but I am confident I passed ''Leesvaardigheid A1'' and ''KNS'', but not so sure about ''Spreekvaardigheid A1''. It was such a long day for me, I couldn't sleep the previous night and I was in a different city I didn't even know (I had never been there and that place is so damn huge! I was scared actually!). They delayed the exam a little too much, they had already told me it'd be 30 minutes later, but it ended up being a whole hour. I was very upset about the fact that they used words that weren't in the course sold by the Dutch government to those wanting to take this exam, the ''Naar Nederland'' course. Not at all. I was lucky I came across this site: https://basisexameninburgering.nl/lessen There I learnt a lot new words (still learning actually). I thought it was so shady of them. I actually plan to write to DUO to let them know what I think, but I will wait until I get my exam results If you plan to take this exam... get ready to find and hear words that weren't even in the course. You must learn as many words as possible so they don't shock you with strange words you don't even know. Try to learn the basics, like for example the names of foods, fruits, vegetables, clothes, body parts, places vocab, music, professions, weather, etc. Also be aware that during the Spreekvaardigheid you might be asked about topics that were never covered in the book, so be wary of that. And yes, check out the practice exam at the official Naar Nederland site, if you are lucky you will get the same questions (valid only for Spreekvaardigheid) during the real exam, but it's really about look, because they have at least 6 different combos for each exam. The guy picks them randomly, some harder than others. Anybody here has taken this test? What did you think of it? Did you pass it the first time or had to take it a second time? Please share your experiences, I am looking forward to hearing them!
  3. Ok guys, let's talk about the languages we know and our levels. For that we are going to use the level definitions used by the Common European Framework, they are as follows: A thread I read recently made me thing about this, since there are people on this forum who are learning several languages or that they already speak several languages... I thought it'd be interesting to know what level they considered their languages to be at. I find that super interesting I was actually think about this today... we rarely talk about levels, but lately this is something that is always on my mind, since i need to have a level of A1 in dutch in order to pass my test. So here it goes: Spanish (mother tongue)English C2 - 3 years to master it.Dutch A1 - So far only 8 months - I slacked a lot though French A1 - (6 months, but stopped too soon) Your turn guys! Please feel free to also add how long you have been studying each language!
  4. I've found some really useful resources that might come in handy for people getting ready for the basisexamen inburgering (A1). Most of them give you a clue of what you will see in the actual exam, but I must admit I'm not sure if all those exercises (in that modality) are present in the real exam. The naar Nederland practice exams: http://www.naarnederland.nl/en/category/voorbeeldexamens Perfect to get ready for the KNS: http://toetskns.nl/ Ad Appel material (reading): http://adappel.nl/lesmateriaal-2/ Taalspot: http://www.taalspot.nl/ My favorite one: https://basisexameninburgering.nl/ I hope someone finds those useful! I might post more later UPDATE: It's confirmed, Mr. Thijsebaard himself told me (via e-mail) the real exam contains the same exercises as the ones seen in the practice exams (the modality - not the actual questions). The exam was completey revamped back in December 2014!! So yes, its structure and content has changed. THANK GOD!!!!
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