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Found 4 results

  1. Learning Quran Online is in trend these days. Not only for adults, but it has also become a need of every Muslim kid. There is a number of Muslim parents who want their kids to learn the disciplines of life at a very young age. This is because every kid has good learning abilities and a fresh mind in childhood. Thankfully, online Quran classes have made it possible for the kids to learn the Quran quickly and efficiently. Online Quran academies allow the kids to continue the Quran education along with their school education. More are more parents feel satisfied with online Quran education because these classes have a proper schedule for learning. Access to best online Quran tutor, individual attention, flexible timing, and affordability are some more benefits that come with online Quran classes. Sometimes, it is hard for Muslim parents to get their kids to learn new things or make them focused. Developing interest in kids to learn Quran need some preparation and timely attention. So, here we are discussing some tips that help parents to make their kids excited for attending online Arabic classes: Know Your Child's Interests If you want your kids excited to attend the online Quran classes, then it is essential for you to know your kid's interest. You should encourage your kids to explore different topics that really fascinate them. On the basis of their interest, you can make your kid choose the right Quran course. However, choosing one of the online Quran coursesin which your kid has a lot of interest will definitely keep the boredom at bay. Make A Proper Schedule For Learning Another important thing that every Muslim parent has to do is to make a proper schedule for learning. This will help them to maintain consistency in kid while learning. One should include breaks so that your kid does not get bored with the continual study. Along with this, one also ensure that their kids do not have much focus on playing video games, watching TV, or performing other activities. There should be proper balance if you want your kids motivated when studying Quran online. Create An Atmosphere of Learning As a Muslim parent, you should develop a proper atmosphere of learning. Means, Quran learning should be more entertaining. To make their learning fun, you can prefer telling your kids about different stories in the Quran. Also, you should keep taking the Quiz to ensure whether your child is learning or not. Regular quizzes will surely keep the kids engaged tolearn Quran at home. Explore Your Kid's Learning Style There are different learning styles and each kid has their own preference. Some are visual learners, some are auditory learners and some learn best by listening to things. It is essential for parents to know what learning style suits the best to their kids and make them indulge in that. However, this will help your kids to keep them interested to learn Quran online. Celebrate Your Kid's Achievement It is important for every Muslim parent to keep celebrating their kid's achievements. This will surely encourage the kids to learn Quran online and challenge themselves to learn better. You can do this by offering a special treat or get your kids their favorite ice cream. So, always use it as a tool if you really want your kids to get excited to learn the Quran. It is crucial for Muslim parents to make their kids having a habit of attending Quran classes at a very young age. These above tips will surely help you make every day a learning day for your kids.
  2. Learn the Arabic Letters and how to read the Arabic language with the popular methodology of Noorani Qaida. Full online access to your child progress Flexible schedule and everything you need to learn online from the comfort of your home. From the moment you log in into your account, you'll get exclusive access to Quran tutorials, practice question bank, and course materials all organized and arranged in an easy to follow, intuitive step-by-step program. Daily progress tracking You will have all the tools to check and keep track of your child's progress. In our online portal, you will be able to manage your account. You can reschedule or cancel sessions and access your personal classes calendar. Also, you can view grades/reports and choose to be updated about the progress of your child. Your parent account will give you full control over everything. You will be able to manage all your children’s progress through one account. Manage your classes easily Your online portal account will give you easy access for managing your classes. You can reschedule or cancel as needed, request a teacher or schedule change, and view all classes on your calendar. Portal Class Features Our unique portal gives you access to your course outline, which shows exactly what you're working on every day in class. You will also be able to review and read from the text, practice what you learn in our practice center, view daily attendance, as well as grades and reports straight from your account. You will also have a dedicated discussion forum to send your teacher notes, questions, or ask about your child's progress. Other Features With our learning platform, your child can practice listening to Quran surahs from their lesson, read straight from the Quran, and review past lessons covered by the teacher. The structure of the course is designed for an optimum learning experience. Access your account through the App on any device! Our portal is flexible enough to add directly onto your phone for easy access to your classes from anywhere!
  3. Do you want to learn Arabic and become a fluent speaker or understand the Arabic language? Our Arabic for Adults course can help you understand the Quran and improve your skills in the Arabic Language. Speak Arabic language like a native Do you want to learn Arabic and become a fluent speaker? Do you want to know how to learn Arabic? Our online Arabic classes can help you understand the Quran and become qualified to teach Arabic to others. Gaining the knowledge and understanding the Arabic language is essential for every Muslim who seeks to perform his religious acts of worship and become proficient in the recitation of the Noble Quran. Allah SWT chose to reveal the Qur’an in the Arabic language, and He SWT states in it: “Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.” (Surah Yūsuf, 12:2) Become conversational quickly Our communicative approach methodology is exceedingly intuitive. It enables you to practice learning the language at your own pace and have access to all our Arabic exercises online in the solace of your own home. With our resources, you will quickly become fluent in Arabic. Practical Arabic language learning We want to make sure that you learn the common everyday practical Arabic conversation skills. We won’t ask you to just memorize without understanding the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’, as other Arabic programs do. Simply just memorizing the material makes learning hard; and, even after a few years, you may not be able to have a real conversation. Our teachers have developed exercises that will help you have natural conversations using Arabic phrases and correct grammatical rules in real life situations.
  4. Tajweed (or Tajwid) is an Arabic term that translates as “proficiency”. It is derived from the same root letters as the Arabic verb “Youjid” which means “to master something”. Allah commanded us to read the Quran with proficiency and to learn how to recite it correctly. “and recite the Quran properly in a measured way.” (Surah Al-Muzzammil, 73:4) It is important to try our best to learn Tajweed and be familiar with basic Tajweed rules in order to read the Quran as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. We know it might be hard to start learning Tajweed, so we made a very helpful list of 9 tips, tried and tested, to help beginners to learn Tajweed. Read on to know more! How To Learn The Quran With Tajweed Learning Quran with tajweed is not a simple task. It requires time, effort, and professional help from Tajweed tutors. Fortunately, you can learn Quran with Tajweed online with multiple Tajweed lessons suitable for all ages. The most important aspect of learning Tajweed is persistence. You must have a genuine desire to learn Tajweed, whether it is basic or advanced. Then, in a sincere desire to please Allah, you must stick to what you intended. Online Tajweed courses a very convenient option for a variety of people who want to learn the Tajweed Quran without leaving their houses. Whether it’s for you or your kids, it’s essential to consider signing up for an online course to get in touch with a professional tutor that can teach and monitor you throughout the process.
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