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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm native Finnish speaker, currently studying German, Swedish, Japanese and French. I'm 24 years old and live in Finland. I became interested in different languages, because of my job. I'm studying to become classical vocal teacher and I'm going to graduate next month. As a classical singer I've been performing songs in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Finnish and English. Right now I wish to focuse my language studies to German, because it's the most important language for my career. Nice to meet you!
  2. Well hello I guess! My mother tongue is Swedish but languages are a spare-time interest of mine. When I go visit a country I like to learn a bit of their language and try to get by with it, and it feels awesome when you are able to use what you have learned. This summer I will go to Russia for the football world cup and I although I planned to stay with germanic and latin languages I feel I can't go there without some russian to make a total ass out of myself with.... I may be here for a long time and focus always changes but as of now my focus is Russian.
  3. Hello! I'm a twenty-year-old philosophy student, and I'm currently studying the Swedish language as some kind of personal challenge. I speak Dutch and English fluently, but I feel like I should know more languages than just two. I find Swedish one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and really would love to speak it fluently one day. If there is anyone who would be interested to just chat about (and in) the language sometime, that would be very awesome! If you are trying to learn Dutch, or just like talking about any subject really, I'm always up for it. If you are Swedish, or happen to know the language really well, and would like to help me out, feel free to leave a reply! I prefer to speak through a network like Skype or Discord, but if you have an alternative, feel free to let me know. I can send my contact details through a PM. Best regards, Springstof // Jesse
  4. It's not my site but... I believe you all might find it useful. WordBrewery is a new website that pulls sentences from the news. They are then categorized by level and topic. There's also a search bar so you can find specific words in context. Audio, translation, and the source article are included. It's also possible to save words and sentences to lists, and export these to Anki. It's currently free to use. Like every other app, all you need to do is register. Personally... I use it for German, as it doesn't have Hindi yet. But it's rather nice, because it's hard to find advanced materials for many languages I'm interested in, such as Modern Greek and Arabic. I use it as a warm up and to find context to words. I'm also considering using Anki, so if I decide to, I'll start exporting all my lists. Current Languages: Arabic Spanish French Italian Portuguese English Swedish Russian Serbian Japanese Modern Greek Polish Hungarian Ukrainian Norwegian Korean Chinese German
  5. Hello everyone! This is a post to share some experiences. I am a masters student in Sweden, currently on my second year. I had studied Swedish for merely 3 months before my arrival here in my home country, where I covered the absolute basics. Then I had a university course for a semester, mostly revisiting what I already knew and of course learning new things also. After that, I haven't had any tutoring on the language, although I kept practicing reading, listening and writing in Swedish on a daily basis. I would say I have reached an intermediate level by now, Meaning, I understand (simple to normal) texts, simple conversations (not just the really typical small-talk lines, but a simple everyday conversation in general) and since I text some friends in Swedish sometimes, I rarely have to switch to English to express myself. If you are familiar with the european framework, I'd say I'm B1+ or something, just to give you a little understanding of my level (that is also based on several assessment tests). I almost always understand what people are saying to me but (here it comes) I just don't seem to be able to talk. It's very frustrating and it gets me down. I feel I sound like a retarded. I have Swedish friends who are happy to help, talk to me in Swedish (slowly and clearly also) but I just turn mute on or reply in English. I was wondering if you had similar experiences that you could share in this thread. I would be more than glad to read through them. Thank you very much for your time
  6. Hello! I started learning Swedish about a year ago. I try to learn it by writing some texts so I wanted to ask is there anyone who speaks Swedish and could correct my mistakes? Sorry that it is a bit long but I learn better from writing full sentences and paragraphs and then someone corrects it. I would be so happy if someone did This is the text: Emigration är en utmaning som vi måste åtminstone kunna sluta. Vi behöver utländska investerare för att komma, investera och skapa konkurrenskraftiga jobb och inte tävla bara i lön av vad som händer i dag, men också i arbetsproduktiviteten. För att uppnå produktivitet, uppmuntra företag investera i modern teknik. Samtidigt Dalia Grybauskaitė säger: “Folk beslutar emigrera på grund av olika skäl - skillnader i levnadsstandard, utbildningens kvalitet, korrupta byråkratiska störningar, socialt välbefinnande, och så vidare. Medan vi gör inte stora reformer, människor söker ett bättre liv utomlands. Förändringar behöver vara snabba och effektiva. De behövs för alla, samt för dem som vill återvända.” Litauiska bonde partiet och de gröna (LVŽS) erbjuder sig att återuppta det nationella avtalet om migration och befolkningspolitik. Även om politiker i mer än 10 år, säger att minskningen av emigration är nationella mål, inga konkreta och effektiva lösningar på hur man kan uppnå det, är gjort.
  7. Hello, I am a swede looking for a native German to exchange language skills with. As a swedish teacher I think I can be a good language partner:-) I prefer to communicate via Facebook Messenger or Skype.
  8. Hello, If you are struggling with grammar, memorizing new words or other boring stuff while learning a language, I have found a great language learning platform to study 100+languages for free. It's called Bliu Bliu (https://bliubliu.com/) Basically you read random content from the internet which was selected according to your level of competence. You press words that you already know and that’s how you "level up". No memorizing, no translations, you just figure out meanings like a baby from context. Also no grammar learning you just figure out it from context too. You can add your own books there as well. Another thing they are offering is 30days challenges where you talk with a native and get all info you need to improve. They have about 10ish different language challenges and they actually work! I was surprised to see my Japanese improve so fast and I could actually speak by the end of the month. this one: https://bliubliu.com/en/learning/challenge/learn-japanese-in-30-days-1/#video-102 I highly recommend it to busy people and for those who hate memorizing boring stuff, it's a lot of fun and not at all pricey.
  9. As a long-term language learner I've always been interested in ways to practice and learn. There are quite a few good learning apps available these days, but there aren't many good ones when it comes to actually using the language. I wanted something more like real dialogue with natives, so I've built (my day job is in web development) a web app that focuses on ability to express oneself naturally. Summary of features: Collaborate with a native-speaker (or work on your own) to describe a picture Get feedback from native-speakers Statistics + experience points to keep track of progress Languages: Chinese, English, Finnish, Japanese, Swedish The app is free to use (it's a side project of mine), but you need an invite code to register. Ask me and I'll send you one! This is a work in progress, and if you try this out and find you want some other features I'll happily consider adding them. Any feedback deeply appreciated! Idiomatic Forest /Erik
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