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Useful Links for studying Chinese

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hi peepz

here are some good links for studying Chinese


www.nciku.com (dictionary)



www.der-chinese.com (german)

www.xuexizhongwen.de (german)

www.handedict.de (dictionary, german) 

I often use www.nciku.com and yellowbridge.com. The fist one is a dictionary but also offers many more features like vocabulary lists and other nice stuff. I would definitely recommend this page to everyone! Yellowbridge is nice too. It offers stroke order diagrams for every single characters (In traditional form and also for Simplified Characters.) If you would like to get a website with many different "tools", try out chinese-tools.com or mandarintools.com. You will get plenty of good stuff there.

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thx for the links. I did not know the yellowbridge.com website. I like it a lot; the layout is a little bit old-fashioned though  8) doesn't really matter though :o It is very cool to have stroke order diagrams for all the characters and some etymological information. thumbs up.

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Hey deen, I just wanted to mention that the link to http://www.nciku.com/ was really helpful. I started using that today and it's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for; a site that has the English word, the Chinese word, pinyin, brush strokes and audio!

Really impressed with this site - thanks again!

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I use an app called Social Language. They've got tons of native Chinese speakers that can chat & practice   with you for free. I also had a friend in China said that they all use an app called Social   Language. It's like a langauge exchange and social platform for Chinese & English   speakers. Anyone using it as well? 


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A few other useful links:

www.chinese-at-ease.com  - Chinese stories in pinyin and characters to practice reading

http://www.chinesecio.com/ - Confucius institute

http://www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/ - 100 Chinese mp3 files, possible from your native language to Chinese

http://english.cntv.cn/learnchinese/ - videos & articles

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Thank you for providing those links EmmaUsine.

Please have a look here to find a huge list with good resources for the study of the Chinese language:


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Thank you! I can use these links to help improve my Chinese language knowledge. I have a lot of Chinese friends and even I am part Chinese as well, however, I wasn't able to grab the opportunity of learning how to speak the language fluently. I can understand some and even speak Chinese but it's not as fluent as my other Chinese friends.

I will use these links to my learning advantage. Thank you once again! :D

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I managed to find a good tutor on https://preply.com/en/online/chinese-tutors so check out this one too. At first I tried to use some language learning apps but turned out that it's not the best way to learn chinese even though I managed to get pretty good at Spanish and French the same way. So I decided that hiring a tutor would be a better Idea and I was absolutely right. In fact, now I want to improve my french and spanish with a tutor too.

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