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Have you ever learned a new language only to give up after few weeks?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever learned a new language only to give up after few weeks?

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Has anyone ever tried using Pleco? It's not so much a study app as a quick reference dictionary. I've used it a lot and really, it has been a blessing! The upgraded version can be used to search for characters using the touch screen (stroke order is essential here!) and I quite like the dictionary and word list because they give examples of usage.

It even has dictionaries for German and French!

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Yup, I have Pleco on my phone! It's really helpful when you need to look up a quick word or two. The hand-writting feature is great too.

Best part about it is once you download all the material need for it, you don't even need internet to use it. So if you're ever at a place with no internet and you need to search up a quick Chinese character, then you can still use Pleco.

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Pleco Chinese Dictionary App

Pleco is amazing. I used this dictionary for several years now and it has always been my primary dictionary. I bought almost all of the expansions and they are great as well.

My favorite "expansions" are the the handwriting module (basic handwriting, not in full screen though, has always remained a free feature) and the flashcard application. The latter offers a ton of great functions and most importantly it lets you handwrite characters after the initial question (for example the word in English)and then, by tipping on the screen, you can can display the answer (character, pinyin, definition and so on).

You also have the possibility to buy "dictionary expansions". I bought the ABC Chinese dictionary and it was well worth the money. When checking a word, it is a matter of seconds to switch between the different dictionaries entries (inside pleco of course) and like this you always have several definitions and explanations for all the words you are looking for. This comes in very handy if you are looking up difficult things like 成语 or complex characters, which have a lot of different meanings (and there are plenty in Chinese, trust me). 

Pleco is the Number One dictionary for the ambitious language learner and if you do not have cash for the extras, you should at least download the basic application (the basic dictionary features are all free!)

Last but not least, I would like to mention that I am not working for Pleco or something. I am just truly  loving this dictionary  :grin:

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Absolutely! I just started using it a month ago (yes, I'm very late!) and I feel that this is the best app so far for Chinese language learners!

It's amazing!

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Scribendi: World-Class Editing and Proofreading

I am glad to hear that you appreciate it as well.

There has been a major update a few days ago and the Pleco app looks even better now. There's just one thing that really bothers me: I can't seem to find some of the character information anymore. In older versions, you could easily find the notion about the radical of a certain character. Since the new update, I can't find this info anymore. I just hope it is still displayed somewhere as it would make no sense at all to "delete" this crucial information.

If you know where I can find the radical information in the newest version, please let me know! (Please be aware that I am not talking about searching characters by radicals...this possibility still exists and there has been no change about this in the newest version).

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I also use it on my phone. Amazing app which helps me most with recognizing Chinese characters :) I love it! You can also try your best in writing characters and the dictionary database is quite big. Such a great thing!

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If you have an iPhone there is a keyboard built in for Chinese that lets you use your finger to write. You can use that in Pleco instead of paying for the upgrade.

That is correct. However, if you would ike to be able to draw characters in "Full-screen-Mode", you will have to buy the Handwriting module.

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