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What is the best resource for finding online teachers?

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I welcome everyone, I recently wondered about finding a service where you can find a highly qualified English teacher (native speaker).
The main task is absolutely concrete - to tighten the language to the upper-intermediate level, to consolidate the existing knowledge, and also, if possible,
to prepare in parallel for IELTS. I know that on the Internet there are now countless online schools and sites where you can find a teacher, but,
unfortunately, to find among all this diversity is really something worthwhile, sometimes extremely difficult.

The basic resource requirements are as follows:
* The most important thing is the quality of training i.e. service must be verified.
* price / quality ratio - if the service gives a real result, then you can always pay more.
* no pseudo-training i.e. no need to share resources that offer to learn a language to the Proficiency / Advanced level easily, quickly, and for little money.
* cross-platform - the ability to access the service / communication with the teacher with Windows / Android.
* Ideally, it should be a Western resource that has a teacher base that can work with Russian-speaking students.
After some time spent searching, I allocated the following resources:

* Cambly (https://www.cambly.com/)
* EF English Live (https://englishlive.ef.com/en-gb/)
* ABA English (https://www.abaenglish.com/en/)
* iTutor (https://www.itutor.com/english-language-learners)
* English Full Time (https://englishfulltime.com/)

* SkyEng (https://skyeng.ru/)
Инглекс (https://englex.ru/)
* EnglishPapa (
* English Dom (
* Online Class (

Also, in the process of searching, I came across a specific person Oksana Dolinka, studied in Cambridge, now she has a website for those who want to learn the language (https://partglo.ru/affiliate/10890232). While working with her, because I communicate with a living person on relevant topics. This is much more interesting than faceless services and soulless applications;) However, I would very much like to refine the knowledge base that I received from Oksana (HUGE GRATITUDE) with a native speaker. In general, I really hope for your help and advice. I shared my wanderings with you. Perhaps you know where and with which of the native speakers it is best to work. Thank you all in advance.


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