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Newbie here...

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So, hi.  You can call me Ersatz :) I have a great interest in language, but never really pursued it until more recently.  I took a few semesters of Spanish in high school and college and gained decent proficiency -- enough that I can get along OK in my mostly Spanish-speaking neighborhood, anyway -- but I'd really like to become more fluent. 

I'd also like to branch out and explore other languages, the biggest being Japanese.  Prepare yourself for a cliche here: I got interested in Japanese after watching a lot of anime.  But languages based on syllabries fascinate me, because they seem so much more fluid and creative.  I like being able to apply my very meager vocabulary to bigger words and suss out the meaning. 

Anyway -- that's me.  Hopefully I can pick up some tips here on teaching myself some of these languages :)

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Dear Ersatz

You are most welcome here at linguaholic.com

Your name is very funny. How does it come that you have a German nickname? It is a pretty odd nickname to be honest. I like the style though  :grin:

If you could spread some knowledge in the spanish subforum that would be great  :wink:

If you got any questions about studying Japanese, Chinese, French or German, hook me up. Hopefully, other members here can help you with different languages :=)

I would like to start studying Spanish. It's a lovely language and indeed very useful!

see ya around

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