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Hi! I'm looking for a book with as many Japanese stories in it as I can find. I don't know how to look it up properly; every time I've tried it doesn't show what I'm looking for. I want it to be a book at least an inch thick, like how some authors will compile a bunch of folks stories and legends together in different cultures, but I want it to be Japan-focused. I want it written in Japanese, so I can familiarize myself with all the history and mythology. I also want it to have more literal translations, if possible. I really want to work on my kanji retention and learn more about Japan this way. Please help me! All suggestions are appreciated!!

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Just have a franchise in mind that you like, and get yourself a book.
If you happen to live in Japan and you love independent creators, you can look for some at Comiket or otherwise in one of the dojin stores (Animate, Melon Books, K-Books, etc.).

I recommend specifically one in your favourite franchise because you'll be motivated to keep reading it.
Otherwise you'll grow tired after 1 page and will probably never open that book ever again.

And the reason why I also specifically recommend independent creators is because the books are generally smaller (so you'll be more motivated to finish it) and often also include harder to understand sentences (so you'll effectively push your current ceiling higher).
And nowadays independent creators generally offer much more interesting stories than long established creators.

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