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Linking Verb

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What is linking verb?

      Linking verb is a verb taks role as connection between subject and object or adjective. Not same as other action verbs, they do not describe an action.

      There are 11 linking verbs which are:

be, become, remain, appear, seem, sound, taste, feel, look, smell.


  She feels bad about her final exam.

  He becomes a doctor.

  This chicken soup taste sour.

  He looks like rich man.

  This room smell bad.

  He is sorry about his mistake.


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I have learned linking verb when I was in middle school, which you have reminded me of my learning experience back in the day. It was a great time learning the language in which everyone has wanted to learn. I think learning the basic rules is the fundamental of the English language. Thank you for sharing!

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A very common linking verb that gets used a lot in English is "is." Even I had to use it in that sentence  :laugh:. "Is" is a form of the linking verb "be," which kenthoang28 has listed above.

I'll post a new thread for all the forms of "be" and how each one is different. The other forms I'll just list here: "am," "are," "was," and "were."

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I have learned linking verb when I was in middle school, which my English teacher would teach us all the grammars and basic sentence structures. I always enjoy learning this kind of grammar because I like learning English, which is one of my favorite languages besides Chinese.

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