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Any place to find Spanish lesson videos?

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I'm supposing that since there many video tutorials on virtually any subject anyone might wish to learn, then it could be possible to find videos to help me learn Spanish. I've tried searching the net for such videos but haven't had much success.

I'd appreciate it if you'd provide a few links or any suggestions that might be helpful.

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You can get some free lesson from Señor Jordan on Youtube. Hes a fun teacher, and he explains things pretty well, and its free so you have nothing to lose but time. I learned quite a lot from his this guy, though I haven't been up to date with his lessons lately. I'll link his page, check it out. :smile:


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I used a site called  spanishdict.com  which had good videos.  I didn´t really like the way they tested you though because it was timed... so ended up being more about finding the special spanish characters on your keyboard rather than actually knowing the spanish.

There is a ton of good content on youtube, as others have mentioned.

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