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Meaning and difference of the word faite vs faîte

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What does "faite" mean?

What does "faîte" mean?

What is the difference between the two if any?

Is there any cultural significance?

Does either word have any slang or connotations associated?

What does each word make someone feel?  Is it just a basic everyday word or is one rarely used or for a special occasion?

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Ok great, thanks for the response!

So that makes sense - so is faite the past tense of faire and would be read as "made"?

I looked up synonyms of faîte with the accent - it said things like ridge (crête), zenith (zénith), summit (apogée), top (haut) etc so it almost seems as if it is talking about a high point which as you said would only be referred to in roofing which is the most common thing to reference as a high point in every day life unless you're a mountain climber.  So rarely used,  but if someone made reference to it as one of the synonyms would that make sense because it's rarely used enough to insert a new meaning/interpretation of the word?

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 is faite the past tense of faire and would be read as "made"?

Yes exactly  (but feminine form)



would that make sense because it's rarely used enough to insert a new meaning/interpretation of the word?

Without the full sentence it's difficult to find the meaning for a word that is almost never used  XD

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Ahh ok thanks makes sense.

This is for something launching tentatively Spring 2021.

I've gotten a few responses from other friends and posts corroborating more or less what you also stated so that is good to hear.  To be determined if our interpretation will land at all but we'll see.

If you're interested in sharing your Instagram or any social media handle we'll notify you once it's official.

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