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new user needs help with letter in English


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Hi Guys

I’m trying to get help on reddit English forum, but looks like you have to really belong there these days to even post one question.

I’m trying to write my self assignment letter, I’m in Canada for 20 years and never really cared enough to open a book. Good my midlife crisis has helped me to start to self improve. Someone has said to me midlife crisis is always end bad, I hope he was wrong.

Usually I’m asking friends to help me writing and correcting, but this feels too personal to share.


I’m sure there is something wrong there, I feel like I’m missing something in that letter butt I hope you like the idea.  please HELP.


Siupes :)

Thank you for YOUR HELP




Dear Keanu Reeves


My name is Andrzej.

For about a month I’m trying to start a local fundraiser with other businesses to give people a chance to do something together and have some fun, like ice cold bucket challenge. It’s not even about money, just to give something for whole planet to do.

I did try to challenge some time ago MRBEAST on YouTube, he is really having fun there.  Still having fun.

I think I failed on that task.

I would like to ask you, if you maybe find a minute to see how it is just to seat on your butt and just do nothing, see if slightly difficulties you find during makes you smile for a moment, I still can not do it by myself. Butt now I have tried.

Hi again

siupes :)

#i say on my butt too



(I want to stay anonymous but I’m not a human being just to call someone out, please contact me if you have any questions, thank you for your time readying this, I know how hard you are trying to just stay private and I’m sorry for reaching out if that offended you, in these weird times where everybody cares about hoe they feel more than other people.

My wife works in our hospital here in oakville, Ontario, (maybe link to hospital fundatopn here?), my best friends best friend just died of covid19 in new York, I’m just desperate, sorry again)

Thank you gain, Andrzej (phone number)

#i say on my butt too

(Siupes :) )




What do YOU think?

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