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Hello everybody


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Hallå allesammans!


I began teaching myself Swedish at the beginning of the year, using online tools and books, as well as picking up some words and phrases from music I like :) (I also dabble in listening to Swedish radio but I can't follow much of it yet; by the time I've recognised one or two words I've missed the next two sentences!)


I began learning the language because there are some videos online that I really want to understand.  I am keeping that as my main goal but the more I get into the Swedish language I find I am enjoying it just for itself, it is a wonderful language and I love the occasional "oh!" moments when I realise how perfectly obvious some of the words are.  It's great fun.


But, I like to learn things by gaining information from a variety of sources.  Hence my arrival on these fine shores, where I hope I can further my skills by practising and getting help.  Maybe I'll even get to the point where I can help others... although that perhaps is some way off.


Anyway, that's me... I look forward to meeting you all.



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Hi Igelkott!

It looks like we must have been thinking alike today as I think we both signed up about the same time. I'm here as a Spanish language learner. It never even occurred to me to learn Swedish, but I bet that is really interesting. Is it very hard? So far Spanish hasn't;t been to bad, though word order has me confused from time to time. Well, maybe not confused so much as I am still thinking in English word order and then translating that way. I haven't had much chance to speak with native speakers, but there are quite a few in Kansas City, where I live. I hope to go to a Mexican restaurant that is close to my house and order in Spanish. That's my main goal. It'll probably be a little while before I get there, but so far so good!

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Hello DogDadChris, nice to meet you :)


I'm finding Swedish to be very interesting, and enjoyable!  Some of the words are so much more logical than English, but then on the other hand I struggle with their plurals and yes, as you say with Spanish, word order.  Guess I'll get there eventually.  I too think in English word order like you.


That's good if you have native speakers that you can talk to.  I don't have that option so I'll have to make do with my books, online stuff and music!


I think the main thing is that you enjoy it - if you enjoy something you're more likely to stick at it and learn it, that's what I think anyway.   And it's good that you have a definite goal in mind, I think that also helps as it is something to aim for.    Good luck!


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