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Need some help to identify the language

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There's this song which has a sample in it. (It appears at 1:01)

I usually find these samples by transcribing the words, but I could really use some help with this, because I'm not sure what language is this.
I can hear some English words, but I'm not sure about them either.

If anyone could recognise the language, it would be a big help.


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This is English.
Sounds like an American English type of variant, the voice quality is pretty low and the music is overpowering it though.

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      Bonjour, I was listening to this cover of Nea's Some Say and half of it is in French. I understand French a little bit, but with songs it's more difficult. I'm especially having trouble with the line following Et j'attendrai, j'attendrai, it's at 1:27. If someone would help me with it I'd be very happy! And if someone transcribed the entire French part that would just be amazing. Merci!
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      Hello, everybody.
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