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    • By LiefEriksson
      Unity in diversity (Arabic)
      Our roots are diverse (Western Frisian)
      Support inclusion (Yiddish)
      May no ocean separate us (Gaelic)
      Promote understanding (Georgian)
      Consider new ideas earnestly (French, preferably a northern dialect)
      Consider even your supposed enemies (Korean or Mongolian)
      Fragmentation gives way to animosity (Xhosa)
      Thrive even through adversity (Any stigmatized creole language, preferably not truly threatened or endangered)
      Take note of the past (preferably Pennsylvania German. Palatinate German or Standard German would also work, though)
      Anyone who knows any of the needed languages is encouraged to comment! Thanks to all who help me out!
    • By Katerwaul
      Does anyone here know of any resources for learning either Haitian or Louisiana Creole?

      The two languages are actually quite different, but I'm not sure if there will be sources readily available for learning Haitian Creole, and I am interested in Louisiana Creole, so either would be fine.

      If possible, I'd much prefer online resources. I have a Linux-based system and can't download many computer programs. Books are also okay, if you can vouch for them; I'm worried about spending too much money (when I don't actually have much money) on a language learning book that turns out to not be very good.

      Also, I've been wondering: Might it be a good idea, if I'm not able to find resources for Kreyòl immediately, to concentrate on learning French instead? Both Haitian Creole and Louisiana Creole are French-based creole languages, and they actually have some notable similarities and a lot of words that are just slightly different to the French ones. What do you guys think - would that be a legitimate strategy for learning a creole language?
    • By Mike P
      I live in Mexico. Previously I taught English in China for several years and it was necessary to learn their language to adjust my teaching style to their needs. Now, living in Mexico I can see very clearly some of the problems facing Latino students who desire to learn English.
      I just finished converting my Chinese phonetics program to Spanish to aid hispanohablantes. There are less sounds in Spanish than the target language English, therefore native Spanish Speakers need to be taught these sounds which, from their point of view, are unknown to them...not within their experience.
      The URL is here. http://www.elaanslist.com/display/fluency.php  . It is not an app, but instead it is a screen cast used for self-learning. It requires personal dedication and  verbal discipline to complete. It is to be used with your current English lessons.
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