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Looking for a partner for a language exchange- English/Spanish

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19 hours ago, festebanherrera said:

Hello everyone!

I am Fabio from Colombia. I am learning English and I am looking someone to practice my speaking by zoom, Skype or other plataform. In return, I can help with Spanish. If someone is interested, contact me!


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On 8/9/2020 at 8:53 PM, Ava2020 said:

Hello, I know English and I am interested in learning Spanish

Hello! I am so sorry, I didn´t see your message on time. Still are you interested in practice with me? If you are interested you can write me by Skype (live:fabioesteban97)

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Hello! I am Taylor, my native language is English, but I would like to find a person (mentor) who will help me hang my English skills. Are there professional writers here? What interests me most is grammar. I am also ready to work on skype or zoom.

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I'm looking for a real partner to improve my English language skill with your ideas and my projects (you know? my project needs two people and i can't handle it by my own self !) 
so my goal is just improve my English language, not something else !
I'm not sure about my level but i think that's upper intermediate .
It will be nice easy motivation , you can accept my request or you can pretend to see nothing (hear nothing) and don't forget that it will be my honor to hear your consent 

Have a pleasant day .

my telegram ID :   @fkb555

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