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Has anyone used Meetup to join a Spanish language group?

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Meetup.com is a site where people can join a club, group or event in his or her area. They are broken down into different subjects. I have checked out ones for music, dance and scrabble.  Have any of you seen anything dealing with the Spanish language at Meetup.com?

Link: http://www.meetup.com/

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This could be good, but I can see at least one possible pitfall. The biggest problem would be if nobody is a native-speaker of Spanish and everyone speaks English as their first language. What often happens in this kind of situation (in my experience) is that people start feeling awkward speaking in Spanish and then just end up talking in English.

If it works out using Meetup, then great! But what I prefer to do is to talk with native speakers through Skype--half hour in Spanish and half hour in English. I guess you're speaking in English for half the time, but it's for a really good purpose and you have access to a native speaker of Spanish. Not only is that great for the language itself but for all sorts of cultural elements American speaking partners wouldn't know so much about, if any.

If you go, Hardison, make sure to write about what it was like.  : )

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Yes. I've tried it before. We either met at a Latin / Spanish restaurant or someone's house. It's actually a lot of fun. But it can become expensive if you are tight with money and the group members are particular with where they eat and what they eat. Anyway, I totally recommend it.

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