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Warning about using Google Translate for language learning

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I've said how Google Translate is unreliable for language learning multiple times before.
However, somebody told me about censorship on Google Translate, which makes it even more unreliable.

For example if you have the sentence in Japanese「中共より酷すぎる」, the correct translation in English would be "this is more harsh than the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)".
Instead, Google gives you:
So pretty obvious that they want to avoid the CCP to be seen as anything harsh.

Also seems like Google Translate is purposely trying to put Japanese and Chinese people against each other.
If you write down「中共はダメ」, the correct translation is "Chinese Communist Party is bad".
But instead, Google says it means:
Why "No Chinese" of all things?
CCP is a Chinese political party, but making it seem like all Chinese people are part of the CCP is rather insane.

Apparently, it doesn't seem to be the case in the opposite direction.
However, the word choices are rather weird.
So if I write down "Joe Biden is insane", I expect to get「ジョー・バイデンさんの頭が可笑しい」(literally: Joe Biden's head is crazy).
Instead, I'm getting「ジョー・バイデンは正気ではない」(literally: Joe Biden is a lack of sanity).

And then I saw this video which might be fun to you:


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:lol: A very funny video, it looks like some kind of worldwide conspiracy. But I think it's all about the algorithm on the basis of which the translator is built. It self-learns to recognize dialects and slang words. Therefore, confusion arises. And yes, of course, Google has internal content censorship. The point is, Google ranks itself. And in order to remain in the first place in the ranking of sites, he does not want to add spam words or obscene language to his ranking algorithm, which can negatively affect his position. He needs to manage his system this way. :cool:

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