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Please help me to identify this language

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I trying to decipher these notes that were found in one of our lab logbooks and we don't know who wrote it.

Can anyone help me to identify this language?

Thank you very much.


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It seems to correspond closely to either Iberian, or N'Ko from as far as I've been able to find.

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The is fairly new, and is in a (life science) laboratory notebook so I don't think that it is some ancient language like Iberian; and in N'ko, the letters are connected in a word.

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Actually, it might as well be English in a made up alphabet.

I got this idea after seeing how this looks suspiciously similar to "200 years":

Or here as "being", which is repeated quite a few times throughout the notes:

Pretty clever, almost like if you'd be looking at an ancient piece of text.

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