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Hello from France


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I am Jean, from Paris. I discovered this forum because I was looking for some informations to learn Japanese.

I used to travel a lot and I stayed in Tokyo for more than a year. I could speak a bit of Japanese, unfortunately I forgot it !

I studied Russian for 7 years.

I like learning languages and teaching about mine, for exemple I have a Instagram account to help people learn french.

Hope to exchange soon on this forum.



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If you happen to have bought some manga, novels, anime DVDs, etc. while living here in Japan, you could practise the language using that.
Japanese is not my native language, but I got surrounded in a Japanese-only environment since day 1 that I moved to Japan, so it feels like I'm better at Japanese than any of my 2 native languages currently.

Although my return to this forum has helped me to somewhat regain my English skills that I lost during that time.
I'm living in Japan for almost my 3rd year (although not in Tokyo, but in some place quite a distance away from Tokyo, although in a neighbouring prefecture), and I'm pretty well settled here.

But maybe I gave some good advice, although you might probably never go full blown Japanese while in France.

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Thanks for your advise, I have better than mangas, I got a Japanese wife ^^ but, it is sill difficult to be motivated to learn the language and improve it. I am good a listening but not speaking.

I studied a Shinjuku, it was quite fun, except that I was the only european guy, so... all the other asian people were making progress so fast, but not me !

Where are you living in Japan ? Do you work there ?

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Wifes have their pros and cons.
The pro is that you have someone first hand who can correct you on the spot, the con is that she might want to speak English (or French) instead, or use only the type of language she knows.

What I did is I read between 2 and 4 chapters of manga a day, and I speak the dialogue out loud as I'm reading.
At first you might be super slow, but after a few weeks you'll get very fluent very fast.

Shinjuku is a nice place to hang out, but I don't really feel like I would want to live there.
Too busy, and considering the amount of foreigners from all over the world, you'll probably get by just fine without ever having to know a single Japanese word.

Where am I living in Japan: Chiba.
Among the foreigners, I know there's a black girl and a white girl.
Never talked to any of them, but I heared the black girl talk when she was putting orders at a McDonald's at the AEON mall.
And there are a few Chinese and a few Indians, most of which are running their own restaurants.

But beyond that, it's primarily either Japanese elderly or Japanese family units (consisting of 1 man, 1 woman, and 2-5 children per household).
Literally all of my neighbours are family units, I'm the only single household.

I work here yes, at a Japanese company.
So I'm the only employee who can speak at least some English, so I'm occasionally asked to assist with our only non-Japanese supplier if there's a problem that they can't copy/paste from an Excel file.
But as of late I'm teleworking, so it eliminates my mandatory 2 hour train rides every day.
However, it also means that I only visit Tokyo once a month these days.

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salut jean je voudrais de savoir qulle est ton instagram pour apprendre le francais et donc te suivre la. je suis Venezuelien et j'aime bien d'apprendre des nouvelle langues actuelleement j'apprendre le Francais. d'ailleurs vous pourrais me corriger si j'ai fait des erreurs

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