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Loading the homepage takes a very long time, let's begin with that.

I'd also want you to explain me this rather questionable console logs.

Plus the over-over-over-use of both external and embedded Javascript (each of them is far too much for a static webpage).

It also seems like your website is fingerprinting browsers and/or devices, which is super scary stuff when it comes to privacy.
My browser is in Japanese, but フィンガープリント試行 basically means "attempts at fingerprinting".


It's pretty clear that you've never made a website before and this is your first try, even the source code view confirms that you're using a readily available template.
So maybe it's not your intend to put so much spyware and bloat in a pretty simplistic looking webpage, but it does make me afraid to check beyond the homepage.

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Thank you very much for finding this issue, I dont have experience with website building... I used animte cc to do the design and create.js. The long time is because of the heroku server startup time... I hope i can find the spywhere library and take it out. I been trying to find some help, if you have the time I would like to pay for some optimizations on the code. I can pay in crypto

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I have more than 13 years of web development experience, though I have not much free time.
You might find some Indian or Vietnamese, these people have the reputation of being very cheap, really good at coding, and very fast working at the same time.

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