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I will teach you english online via skype to help you learn english

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  • Do you want to speak English like a native?
  • Are you looking to improve your career prospects by studying business English?
  • Do other people seem confused when you speak English?  
  • Do you make a lot of grammar mistakes when you speak?
  • Do you want to practice English, but you cannot find a person to practice with?
  • Do you feel frustrated because you still cannot understand English speakers easily?    
  •  Are you angry that you have studied English for years, but still cannot speak excellent English?
If you want to speak English, enter click here
Is your pronunciation bad? 

What is wrong? Have you wasted your time? Will you ever speak English fluently and clearly? It is NOT Your Fault! Most classes and teachers are using old methods and old textbooks that are boring and ineffective.

you are in the right place to learn English!

Get the best private online English lessons that tailed to your personal goals/needs. 

Speaking fluent English will completely change your life! Order NOW and start to speak English like a native!






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Improve your knowledge of any language online


Hello dear learner, my name is Silvano. The lessons consist of 1 hour session, distributed the way you want it to be. Choose wisely what you nee

Get it here

The idea is to make the sessions very didactic, helping you develop your spanish/english speaking abilities, while we speak we can be learning all the speaking rules on the way by simple slides with grammar and vocabulary every each class. Also you can provide your own material like readings, videos, etc.  

The idea of the first class is to get to know each other better. So don't worry I will be your friend, tutor and advisor, ready to help you at all times making the class enjoyable.

Note: If you’d like a different type of plan, we can discuss a personalized plan that suits all your needs!teach-english-and-spanish-language-lessons.jpg.be6a50881bdb1e4103109987f4eb11ca.jpg


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