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здавствуите and こんにちは

Professor What

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Hello, everyone. I'm a new member from the United States, studying both Japanese and Russian. I'm currently fairly limited with both, but I've been trying to work as hard as I can on them, and I'm not a bare bones beginner in either. I'm hoping to meet some people who speak each of those languages, who I might be able to get in some practice with.

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よろしくお願いします(よろしく おねがいします)

日本語を喋れます(にほんごを しゃべれます)
I can speak Japanese.

ロシア語を読めますが、あまりわかりません(ろしあごを よめますが、あまり わかりません)
I can read Russian, but I don't understand it.

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