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Langlandia: An option for competitive learning of the Spanish language

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For quite some time I have been in the work of learning Spanish for my current goals and studies, however, I could not find something that met the requirements of teaching me, having fun and also competing to see who knows more Spanish.


Until I found Langlandia, it is an interactive learning game where you have the opportunity to learn Spanish fluently, know the different conjugations and pronunciations, as well as participate in exams and pvp's to demonstrate your knowledge to other players and climb the world rankings, have your "beasts" to fight against real players or against the AI, climb the grades to unlock new knowledge, interactive books to learn complete paragraphs and literary logic, catch new beasts for your collection and defeat the "teachers" of the institute to climb rank.

It has meant many hours of fun and learning for me, it has really helped me a lot to improve, refine and learn new things about Spanish and I am getting closer to achieving my goal of mastering it and having a fairly fluent vocabulary when speaking in Spanish to others.


If you are a competitive person who seeks to learn and at the same time, I really recommend you try Langlandia, with weekly events, beasts to tame and try to conquer the ranking with your knowledge and progress in Spanish speaking

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