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StickyStudy // Study Chinese App [CHINESE]

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Some time ago I was posting my favorite Chinese Study Apps here in the forum. At this time, I remembered a nice little app that I installed some time ago...however, I could not come up with the name of it...now I can...the app is called StickyStudy. You can get Sticky Study for Chinese Mandarin (hanzi), Japanese Kanji and also Japanese Kana (Hiragana and Katakana).

What is StickyStudy (Mandarin Chinese version)?

Simply put, StickyStudy is a solid flashcard vocabulary tool. Have a look at the picture above so you can see how your screen is gonna look like when loading this fabulous app :wink:


What is Sticky Study all about?

It is very simple, yet effective. You will get all Chinese Characters for all levels of the New HSK Exam and you also get all the vocabulary for all the six different HSK levels. You can easily load those predefined decks and start studying. It is a spaced repetition program and provides some nice graphics. you can also switch from simplified characters to traditional characters and you get audio pronunciation for all the characters and words in a very good quality. One cool feature is also that you can store, backup and transfer all the data (decks) with dropbox !!!

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Wow, I just started a thread about trying to find good beginner resources for learning Chinese...I think this'll be right up my alley once I get up and running with studying the language. Thanks so much:) How do you come across apps and resources like this though?

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I assume that the big wall o' characters is not what you actually use while studying? Is there any chance I could convince you to describe the app a little bit before I dive in and download it?

Like, am I basically expecting a deck of flash cards (the deck being defined by that wall of characters) that rotates as I go through? Is there any interaction or is straight viewing?

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