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Online Ressource for learn a language more effectively

Seraina Brunner

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I watched a friend's course about learning a language in a very efficient manner and it helped me a lot in my language learning journey. So I hope that could be valuable for any person in linguaholic who wants to learn a new language very efficiently and save some time.
It's not that long (about 40 minutes) and teaches you some really good ideas for learning a language more effectively. He gave me this link: https://skl.sh/3kRaFy6. So I can recommend Robin's course, he is a cool person. The project is a bit difficult though ^^
Do you know of any other good courses on udemy or skillshare? I would love to explore more content like the one I mentioned.
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I think you can start using sources like YouTube channels or apps like LinguaLeo. Right now I'm taking accelerated English courses and courses in subjects that might be useful when applying to universities. Online tutors and opportunities like the Scribbr coupon are helping me with this. If you want high quality, this is exactly what you were looking for. I'm sure you can handle this tool because its functionality is quite simple.

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