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A video game for language learning

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Hello everyone,

With a friend, we are currently creating a video game dedicated to language learning. It will possess all of the core elements of a standard RPG-adventure video game while being optimised for language learning by providing grammar contents, a personalised dictionary, cultural information and more. Most of the language acquisition will be done through the dialogues, completing quests (quests related to the story and dedicated quests for language learning) as well as exploring the world. 

With the intent of creating the best game possible, I made a survey directed at people interested in language learning in order to collect the opinions of as many people as possible. You do not need to be an avid gamer to participate in this survey. The questions are written in both English and French so feel free to write your answers in whichever language you feel more comfortable in. 

Here is the link: https://forms.gle/AHUXF3KH1sfaGZ7J7

Thank you in advance to anyone who will participate in this survey and/or share it with a friend! I am really grateful for your help.

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That's great! I think learning languages while playing is really effective. I used to learn French with games as well, but it wasn't with a special app. It was cs go, and I just entered French servers and talked to people there. It was extremely fun to do, and I still have some French friends from that time. One of them even told me that it was possible to sell cs go skins, and it was a great discovery for me.

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