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How To Make Umlauts?

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I'm afraid that depends on your keyboard. My European Azerty-keyboard here has got the option, it's on the button on the second row, two left from Enter. I do Shift+umlaut-button, and then the letter I want to be umlauted (if that's even a word). Look for just 2 dots, a colon reversed really :-) If I don't put a letter afterwards, it looks like this: ¨

However, I suppose not all keyboards have got the option. You can always check for ALT-codes or, when in Word, insert symbols, but it is a slow way of working.

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As Elien stated already, it depends on what keyboard you have.

Unless you have a european keyboard, your best option is to learn the ALT-codes from the most common letters with an umlaut by heart.

Check out http://usefulshortcuts.com/alt-codes/accents-alt-codes.php and see if that works out for you :smile:

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On windows computers there is an option to use a "german" keyboard, and the option to switch will be sitting either at the top of your screen or in your system tray by default. You'll have to add the languages you want manually, but I find using the German keyboard when I'm writing in German is infinitely easier than trying to input alt-codes or using the strange Microsoft-Word-symbol-inputs for the umlaute. It takes a bit of practice especially if you're used to a Qwerty keyboard as it's a Qwertz keyboard, but I find it very, very helpful.

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